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Tuesday, 16th February, 2021

When you have misaligned teeth as an adult, it can make you feel self-conscious about taking photos or even attending social gatherings.

Of course, while some people choose to embrace their teeth as they are, for others it is not so easy, leading many adults to become concerned that they have left orthodontic treatments for too late.

With advances in modern dental care, this is not the case and as braces and aligners become more sophisticated, you can now achieve that straighter smile you have always wanted as an adult without a metal brace. Perfect!

At Navan Dental, we can help. While we are unable to offer traditional metal braces, we can offer you other orthodontist Navan treatments to help realign your smile. Our head brace dentist, Dr McMorrow, will assess the position of your teeth and suggest a suitable brace to correct the issue based on what you wish to have resolved.

What are some of the orthodontist Navan that we offer?

Inman aligner

Halfway between a traditional brace and an invisible one is the Inman Aligner.

Designed to gently push your teeth into their new positions, this type of orthodontist in Navan is suited for people who have more complex cases that cannot be resolved with an invisible brace alone. Removable and worn for an average of 6 months, this brace offers a more comfortable realignment process than other options.

Clear Smile Aligner

As the name suggests, the Clear Smile Aligner is, well, clear and is slotted over your teeth like a sports guard. Unlike other braces, this option is designed specifically for your teeth and utilises a 3D printer to make the aligners based on a scan of your mouth.

Like the Inman Aligner, it is removable and requires you to wear it for 22 hours minimum each day but it is typically used to treat more minor cases than the Inman Aligner, with its speciality revolving around correcting overcrowding.

Typically worn for around 6-24 months, this brace is designed only to be used by adult patients and we will need you to attend check-ups with our team every 6 weeks to check progress.

Six Month Smiles

Our popular cosmetic brace. This option is fitted to the front 6 teeth in your mouth and is used solely to correct aesthetic issues. It cannot move molars or correct bite issues and can only correct specific issues. If you need anything more substantial, our team will suggest a more suitable brace for you.

With its clear brackets and thin wire, our team will need to see you every 14 days to adjust the Six Month Smiles aligner. There will be some pressure associated with the movement of your teeth following each adjustment, but this should not be overbearing, if it is, you should contact our team.

Best of all, if you choose to use Six Month Smiles with our team at Navan Dental, we can also offer you a teeth whitening treatment to round off your cosmetic procedure. Great stuff!

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