What are dental implants?

Tuesday, 11th August, 2020

Dental implants Navan are a treatment option that patients missing a single tooth or missing a series of teeth might consider. Many patients have had this treatment and have been happy with the results of the procedure and the smile that came with it. The implants are sculpted and made of titanium, they are specially inserted into the bone of the jaw, these implants, once in position are used to provide a strong and stable support onto which to build replacement teeth. Implants can be the foundation of a bridge, crown or dentures. We understand that missing teeth can cause a massive and dramatic decline in a person's self- confidence and so want all patients to have access to treatments that can remedy this. The next section of this article will run through how this treatment is fitted into the mouth, before moving on to the benefits of this treatment.

How are dental implants fitted?

Dental implants Navan are used to replace the roots of missing teeth, this then gives a solid foundation to build on. They can be a fixed solution for your single missing tooth or for a number of missing teeth.

The implant is placed into the bone and after this the teeth may either be restored immediately or there may be a need to allow the site to heal for a couple of months. Once the site is healed a post is attached to the implant using a titanium screw. A crown is then specially made to attach to the post that is inserted into the jaw. This crown can be made using metal and porcelain in various combinations. The new tooth or teeth are specially designed in order to look like the natural teeth they are replacing. The crown is screwed or cemented onto the post, this can differ from patient to patient. Implant therapy follows this process and this can take a couple of months. You may need to have several appointments to have this treatment completed, however the end result is worth it. 

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants Navan can give patients a new found confidence in their smile, because they do not have to worry about how their smile will look with missing teeth. The new teeth look, feel and act like natural teeth. This can allow you to chew food again with confidence and new found strength in your teeth. Problems with the jawbone can be alleviated with the addition of the implant. Patients are often impressed with the improved appearance of their smile. Patients can also improve their speech as the implants make sure that crowns, dentures and bridges do not move as they are stabilised with your jawbone. You can be assured that the implants fitted into the mouth will improve comfort and have increased durability. Oral health can also be improved as the teeth become easier to clean and this reduces the risk of issues such as gum disease. Patients can also be assured that these implants are a safe and convenient treatment option. If you think that this treatment could be the one for you then why not have a look at the website to learn more about it.


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