What are implants?

Tuesday, 13th October, 2020

Ideally, we’d all like to boast a perfect set of full teeth from childhood into our golden years. Unfortunately, unforeseen accidents occur, and a few negligent years of not taking care of your teeth properly can result in the worst-case scenario, losing your valuable pearly whites. If that happens, you’ll need to have them replaced. The primary treatments for restoration are bridges, dentures, or dental implants. At Navan Dental, we find that the majority of our patients gravitate towards dental implants Navan. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why.

What are implants?

Implants are tiny metal screws inserted into your jawbone. Their function is to hold your new crown in place securely.

What are the stages of getting an implant?

During a small surgical procedure, our implant dentist makes a small incision into the jaw to position the metal screw inside. It takes between six and eight weeks for the screw to integrate with the bone fully. Following this, an abutment piece is connected to the surface of the implant. This links the implant to the crown, which is the visible part of the tooth.

Why choose implants, or any restoration device for that matter?

The negative impact of losing a tooth stretches beyond having a hole where your pearly white sat. Not only will you lose confidence in your appearance, but your oral health will decline. Everyday things, such as chewing, become difficult, and you might find it impossible to eat specific food. And that’s not the worst of it.

The longer you take to replace your old tooth with a prosthesis, the more you’ll suffer. Over time, you must start to notice that your face looks sunken or prematurely more aged. These are signs of bone resorption, which results from your jaw beneath the missing pearly white detracting and becoming brittle from lack of use.

What life can I enjoy with dental implants Navan?

You can regain your old life back with an implant that looks and functions like a real tooth. You won’t have to revert to a soft food diet to preserve the implant, and with it firmly anchored into place, you need not worry about it falling out.

Why select dental implants Navan over dentures?

It’s true that dentures have been around longer and cost less. However, the pitfalls of dentures can’t be ignored. Unlike implants, dentures only cover the teeth, not replacing the tooth at the root. This means that while dentures sit securely positioned over your pearly whites, there’s a chance that they could slip out of position, especially if they’re an old set that has become faulty over time. Dentures can be bulky and cumbersome, while dental implants are lightweight and barely noticeable in your mouth. The weight and feel of them are remarkably similar to natural pearly whites.

Why opt for implants over bridges?

Bridges might be another more affordable alternative. However, to fit bridges, you might need to alter the neighbouring teeth by filing them down, which isn't ideal. At the same time, bridges don't support the underneath bones. If bone resorption takes place, your jaw may collapse. An implant prevents this from occurring.

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