What are orthodontics Navan?

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry which entails the use of braces, most commonly thought of by many of our patients when they hear about this type of treatment. Orthodontics focuses primarily on realigning and therefore repositioning the teeth within the mouth, however braces can also be used to amend underbites, and overbites (dental issues concerned with positioning of the jaw).

Did you know?

Orthodontist Navan not only produces straighter, and therefore more beautiful and confident smiles, however it can also improve a patient’s dental health. Less overcrowding within the mouth makes it even easier for patients to clean their teeth to a higher standard, meaning a reduced risk of tartar, tooth decay, and oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease). 

Not just your average dental clinic

At our clinic within Navan we understand that patients of all ages strive for a straighter, and therefore healthier smile. Orthodontist Navan is commonly associated with patients who are younger (such as teenagers or children) however within modern day dentistry braces can now be used for patients of all ages, which is something we encourage at our dental clinic. 

Considering receiving treatment at our clinic?

If you are an individual who is suffering from misaligned, crooked, or front protruding teeth then you may be looking at receiving orthodontics. Choosing a dental clinic to receive any form of dental work can be difficult, even if it is just for routine dental check-ups, it's therefore extremely important that you choose the right clinic for you. Our clinic in Navan embraces patients of all dental conditions and ages, which is why we offer our adult patients a free fast adult brace consultation!

What are fast adult braces?

Traditional metal braces (also commonly thought of as ‘train tracks’) are sometimes considered as unsightly, and may not be appropriate for many adults who do not wish for their dental treatment to be seen. If you are an adult who feels as if obvious orthodontics may hinder your self-confidence (or even your social or work prospects) then fast adult braces at our clinic could be perfect for you.

Choosing the right braces for you..

If you are considering receiving orthodontics we suggest paying a visit to our clinic before you decide on your chosen treatment. Our welcoming and highly skilled dental healthcare professionals will assess your individual dental case and suggest the braces that may work best for you.

Do you offer more than one type of orthodontic brace?

Yes! Despite offering one of the more popular forms of discreet braces (ClearSmile aligners) we also offer Inman aligners, as well as Six Month Smiles.

What are ClearSmile aligners?

ClearSmile aligners are a popular brand provider of clear aligners within the field of dentistry and work by replacing the plastic transparent trays every few weeks. ClearSmile aligners may be a perfect choice for patients who wish for a removable dental appliance, without the appearance of obvious metal brackets and wires. 

How to start your treatment journey..

If you are interested in our dental service then we offer a free adult brace consultation for all of our new patients. Located on our website we display our contact number, as well as our email address and exact geographical location. 

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