What are the benefits of orthodontics Navan?

Tuesday, 11th October, 2022

The visible effects of orthodontist Navan are quite clear, with the final result being a happier smile and healthier mouth. But how this is brought about is not always well understood by patients.

You know that you would have to wear a teeth-straightening device to reposition your teeth and improve their alignment. Correcting dental alignment can help to address crooked, overcrowded and unevenly spaced teeth, which can otherwise be so punishing to the aesthetics of a smile.

The loss of confidence in smiling a genuine smile may be incredibly challenging for the patient, but equally devastating are the consequences of poor oral health that can arise from not treating orthodontic issues.

At Navan Dental, we believe that orthodontist Navan is as essential in correcting cosmetic concerns as it is in protecting dental health.

Impact of orthodontist Navan on dental health

The linchpin of maintaining dental health is good oral hygiene. When teeth aren’t in correct alignment, keeping them clean to prevent the overpopulation of bad bacteria can be challenging. Anyone with orthodontic problems will find manoeuvring a toothbrush and floss thread into awkward spaces difficult.

When teeth cannot be brushed or flossed effectively, an ideal environment is created in the mouth; environment disease-causing bad bacteria tend to thrive. Bad bacteria left in the mouth lead to the formation of cavities ruining enamel, chronic bad breath and gum disease.

When teeth are lost to poor hygiene control, additional problems for dental health are created. In addition to functional and aesthetic challenges, missing teeth pose a risk to jawbone health. The threat of jawbone reabsorption is increased when tooth roots are lost and not replaced with a suitable alternative.

Orthodontic treatment is not always about giving people better-looking smiles; quite often, dentists encourage patients to consider wearing braces to improve their oral hygiene so that they can retain their natural teeth for life.

Impact of orthodontics on dental function

Patients facing eating challenges due to dental misalignment may also be asked to consider orthodontic treatment. Bite misalignment is when the jaws do not come together to allow for proper biting and chewing. Patients with bite problems usually report pain when they eat, which makes this crucial function quite a challenge.

Not being able to eat without pain may place the patient at risk of not receiving enough nutrients to keep their bodies functioning well, which will create further health issues. Orthodontic treatment can be wholly beneficial for dental function, removing the challenges created by misaligned bites.

Impact of orthodontics on the quality of life

There are many more difficulties related to dental misalignment, and such challenges can impact the overall quality of life. Teeth-straightening treatments may also be used to help patients suffering from sleep apnoea, teeth grinding and pain as a result of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Orthodontics can be used to help patients improve their confidence, eat better, sleep better and live a life free from pain. If your orthodontic problems are affecting the quality of life you live, please book a consultation with us at Navan Dental so that our experienced dentist can determine how orthodontic care can help you.

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