What are the benefits of orthodontics Navan to straighten teeth?

Tuesday, 18th January, 2022

Patients may not be aware of it, but there are some oral health conditions that necessitate the intervention of orthodontist Navan. It is commonly assumed that orthodontist Navan is only used to correct crooked teeth, but this is just one of many dental issues a treatment plan like orthodontist Navan can address.

At Navan Dental, we pride ourselves in offering patients professional orthodontic consultations and an excellent level of patient care because we love your smile as much as you do.

When should you consider orthodontics? Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of orthodontics and how it can be used to treat to restore the health and function of your mouth.

The many rewards of straightening teeth

A dental arch that is not properly aligned (crooked teeth) can result in numerous adverse consequences for a person’s dental health, physical health and emotional wellbeing.

The first adverse consequence that a patient will be concerned with is a less-than-pleasing smile. When teeth are not aligned properly, have spaces between them or look overcrowded, their appearance can create a less desirable smile.

Why does the look of a smile hold such importance? Consider just how much you rely on your smile. Confident smiles help one make a favourable first impression, win friends, find love, boosts employment opportunities and contribute to feelings of positivity and joy.

Dental health depends on teeth being straight because aligned teeth make oral hygiene obligations more effective. Crooked teeth create awkward gaps that make brushing and flossing more challenging. When teeth aren’t cleaned properly, the threat of plaque and tartar accumulation is raised – the first step in the process of dental decay.

Another poor oral health condition that is commonly found in patients with crooked teeth is deteriorating gum health. In addition to tooth decay, plaque and tartar deposits that sit on teeth create problems for the gums, and gum disease begins to set in.

Teeth that are not evenly spaced out in the dental arch create overcrowding issues. Apart from the difficulties associated with overcrowding, such as not being able to brush properly, there is a further danger posed down the line. Unevenly spaced teeth place undue pressure on certain teeth, and over time, these targeted teeth wear out more quickly. Teeth that are packed one on top of the other rub against each other during motions of chewing, which wears out the protective outer surface level of affected teeth. Weakened enamel increases the risks of cavities and abscesses forming.

There are hidden dangers to not cleaning teeth properly that exist outside of the mouth. When harmful microbes present in the mouth cross the threshold of the mouth to enter the bloodstream, the danger is that these microbes can target life-giving organs, including the heart and lungs. Therefore protecting oral health by straightening teeth is also a kindness to heart and lung health.

It is usual for patients to have a good many questions and concerns when considering orthodontic treatments. If you need to straighten teeth and are not sure which orthodontic device would suit your situation, contact us at Navan Dental so that we can arrange an appointment for you and have all your questions answered. 

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