What are the top reasons patients choose dental implants?

Tuesday, 11th January, 2022

Dental implants Navan remain to date the industry’s most forward-thinking tooth replacement solution for lost natural teeth. When permanent teeth are lost due to facial trauma, tooth decay, bone loss or gum disease, patients can take comfort in the knowledge that there are missing teeth replacement options available to restore full mouth function.

Missing teeth replacement solutions available include dentures (full or partial), bridges and dental implants Navan. On this list, the dental option that comes closest to regaining natural teeth is the use of dental implants Navan.

It is in the best interests of the patient to seek a professional consultation when deciding which option to choose, as not all solutions would be applicable for every patient. At our practice, we offer customised dental care that accommodates patients’ individual needs and goals.

For a patient who can have their pick of all missing teeth replacement options, why would they choose dental implants? Let’s look at all the factors that favour tooth replacement implants.

Favourable factors of dental implants

Tooth implants sport a design that mirrors natural teeth. The implant system features a dental crown that sits on an artificial tooth-like root. The metal root is surgically placed into the jawbone and acts as an anchor for the prosthetic device. Once implantation has been performed, a natural fusion process takes place through which the metal root becomes part of the jawbone. The dental crown provides the aesthetic as well as functional value of a natural tooth.

Tooth replacement implants protect dental health best. When adult teeth are missing and not replaced, there is a risk posed to neighbouring teeth, gums and jawbone. Adjacent teeth to the gap in the dental arch can move out of position, the threat of gum disease is increased and jawbone quality can deteriorate. As dental implants are closest to natural teeth in structure, these adverse consequences are avoided.

Patients with tooth replacement implants have a much easier time meeting their oral hygiene obligations. Many patients love the fact that it is easier to keep tooth implants clean when compared to other solutions. Brushing teeth remains the same, but they may have to tweak their flossing habits slightly.

Provided that patients take exceptional care of their dental implants, they may not need replacing for a long time. Implants don’t generally get loose or fall out and can be relied on for as long as the gums and jawbone are healthy.

Patients regain their lost confidence and can smile widely again. Tooth implants are naturally aesthetically pleasing which is a bonus for patients who love to smile a full smile.

Tooth implants are a convenient solution, allowing our patients to resume all their favourite activities without fear or worry. The device makes confident socialising in public with friends and family possible.

Not all teeth replacement options are created equal and it is only in a professional consultation that patients can have all their concerns regarding treatment plans addressed. Schedule a consultation at Navan Dental with a dentist who is very experienced in dental implantation and claim your old smile once again.

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