What does a twenty-first-century dentist Meath look like?

Tuesday, 26th October, 2021

Dentistry has evolved beyond just pulling out teeth and filling cavities. Here, at Navan Dental, we have met the twenty-first century with an approach to dentistry that takes into account the mental and physical challenges our patients have to deal with in life.

We provide unlimited and free wifi throughout the surgery so that you can feel relaxed. Our surgery also has televisions on the ceiling for you to stay distracted while receiving your treatment. You can even choose some noise-cancelling music to listen to so that you don’t hear the shrill of the drill. There can be no doubt that we have taken a bold step by introducing you to our vision of a twenty-first-century dental practice. The result is that our patients feel relaxed and comfortable, viewing the dental surgery as a hospitable place to visit for their treatment.

Additional facilities

At Navan Dental, we offer several additional facilities to make visiting us easier to fit into your busy schedule. We are open from Monday to Saturday and stay open until 7.00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so that you can visit us after work.

If you require emergency treatment, we have slots open every day to facilitate this problem. Furthermore, if you are unable to come in, then we can advise you on how best to cope with any discomfort until you can visit us. There is parking near our clinic and also, if required, wheelchair access and a lift. We do accept medical card patients at our surgery. Our reputation brings us patients from as far away as counties Donegal, Antrim and Kerry to name a few.

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the best way to deal with dental problems and implementing this requires a team effort. We encourage parents to bring their children to our surgery from as early as when they turn a year old. We want children to feel comfortable and relaxed in the surgery’s surroundings so that they can eliminate any fear of the equipment, sounds and smells associated with a dental practice. Most of our staff have children so they can relate to parents and children alike to achieve our goal of future stress-free patients. By seeing your child at a young age, our dentist Meath can teach them the proper routines to follow to achieve healthy oral hygiene.

Routine visits

Our dentist Meath recommends regular six-monthly visits to allow us to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and in good condition. We believe that we are good communicators, and, as communication is a two-way street, we know when to listen.

Additional treatments

In addition to general and cosmetic dental treatment, we have identified the need to provide wrinkle-smoothing treatments as well. Our dentist Meath is fully trained in the bones, muscles and skin, particularly those of the face, head and shoulders. This, therefore, makes us very well suited to facial aesthetic treatment in our sterile treatment rooms. Our treatment in this area is conducted by Dr Buchanan, who has performed thousands of these treatments over the past eight years.

Your twenty-first-century dental practice

We believe in providing excellent dental and facial aesthetic treatments to you and have invested in high-quality equipment and trained our staff to the proper standards. We strive to deliver this service to you in a relaxed and comfortable manner so that you can take on the world with a confident and stunning smile.

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