What factors contribute to a positive patient experience at the dentist?

Tuesday, 4th January, 2022

There is no getting away from regular dental visits if patients are to achieve and maintain life-long optimal oral health. The professional care offered by a dedicated dentist Navan is the only sure-fire way to keep the use of one’s adult teeth throughout one’s lifespan.

Of course, this is made all the easier when your choice of dentist Navan has all the desirable qualities to make the dental experience a positive and pleasant one for the patient

Having serviced the oral health needs of our community for many years, we at Navan Dental are well aware that it is common for patients to dread the dentist’s chair. It can be uncomfortable having a healthcare practitioner work inside one’s mouth – it can seem a sort of intrusion in one’s personal space. Added to this, is that teeth and gums are sensitive areas of the body that require a dental practitioner to prioritise patient comfort.

The question to be asked then is – how does one ensure a positive experience on a visit to the dentist Navan? It all comes down to the dental practitioner and dental practice one chooses.

Why choose Navan Dental?

It is always best to choose a dental clinic that is well regarded for delivering outstanding quality care. Quality dental care is part of everything we do at our practice, from the minute a patient makes contact with us (be it in person or on the phone) to the time when we say goodbye. We endeavour to look after the interests of our patients and are proud to be a patient-centred dental practice.

Quality dental care can only be delivered by a dentist with all the relevant professional credentials. Our dental team all carry the required professional qualifications and are experienced in offering care of the highest standards. Another important factor here is the reliance on progressive dental techniques and procedures. Our dental team keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in the dental industry that would be of benefit to our patients and the care that we give them.

Our dental team consists of friendly, patient and approachable dental professionals.  We know we can better help our patients if they are comfortable sharing with us their needs, goals and concerns in addition to other pertinent information such as their medical health. We acknowledge that for this honest exchange of information, there has to be a certain level of trust between dental practitioner and patient.

We offer a comfortable and pleasant dental setting in which a patient can relax. In addition to the generously-spaced waiting area, the other ways to try to make a patient’s visit as comfortable as possible include a relaxing dental chair designed to massage the patient’s back and accommodating the patient’s choice in noise-cancelling calming music.

Our surgery is convenient and easily found. A convenient location with a healthcare provider is always an important consideration, because the last thing any patient would want is to struggle to find dental care in times of an emergency. Added to this are our convenient operational hours, making available late evening appointments, as well as offering care on Saturdays.

Choose our practice for top quality patient care. We care about you and your oral health which is why we remain an oft-recommended dental surgery. Reach out to our friendly reception desk who are waiting to schedule your next oral health check. We also accommodate medical card patients.

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