What kinds of dental conditions can we treat at Navan Dental?

Tuesday, 3rd November, 2020

Tooth decay

The oral cavity contains a number of bacterial species, which make up our oral cavity’s natural microflora. These bacteria feed on simple sugars, which can be found in remains of our food. During their metabolism, oral bacteria secrete simple organic acids as waste-products, which can contribute to the decay of our teeth’s mineral content. This in itself is not necessarily a problem, as our saliva constantly replenishes our teeth’s mineral content. The issues begin when the oral bacteria have large amounts of sugar available to feed on and aid their reproduction. This could occur due to poor oral hygiene or diets that include lots of sugar. When these bacteria overgrow due to the abundant sugars, the amount of organic acids they secrete increases proportionally, which may eventually lead to tooth decay also known as caries. If you think that your dental health may be suffering, book an appointment with our dentist Navan.

How to prevent and treat tooth decay

The most important thing when it comes to tooth decay is prevention. Maintaining appropriate oral hygiene is of crucial importance. You can do this by brushing your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day, using dental floss and occasionally antibacterial mouthwashes, which help keep the oral bacteria under control. Noticing the earliest form of tooth decay is also very important. In its earliest stages tooth decay presents as a bright white patch on the surface of a tooth. At this stage the process is reversible, therefore you should take this as a sign to change your lifestyle and oral hygiene habits. Once tooth decay progresses further than this stage the process is unfortunately not reversible, but the decay can be stopped by filling cavities and maintaining good oral hygiene. If you are looking for any dental treatments, book an appointment with our dentist Navan to ensure prompt and thorough service, putting you, the patient, at the centre of all we do.

Complications of tooth decay

Tooth decay is a condition that has to be taken seriously. If left untreated, tooth decay can cause many unpleasant and even some life-threatening complications. Tooth decay can cause dental abscesses, which are sacks of built-up pus. Moreover, the earlier tooth decay is caught the better the prognosis. Early diagnosis and treatment can also save you large amounts of money. Another complication tooth decay can cause is gum disease. Gum disease occurs due to the overgrown oral bacteria causing chronic inflammation in the gum tissue. If this is left untreated, the chronic inflammation can cause permanent damage in the gum tissue and other tissues surrounding it. Tooth decay alongside untreated gum disease can also result in tooth loss. Tooth decay causes tooth loss when the decay reaches the innermost part of the tooth, the pulp tissue. Tooth loss can be very distressing, but with today’s technical advancements teeth can be replaced using dental implants.

If you find yourself in the situation of needing any of these conditions addressed with our dentist Navan don’t hesitate to contact us. We are also happy to accept Irish NHS medical card holders for treatment.

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