Why are dental implants so popular?

Tuesday, 14th December, 2021

When it comes to looking into artificial tooth replacement solutions, the overall value that dental implants Navan offers to a patient’s quality of life is simply hard to beat. This is the foremost reason why countless of our patients at Navan Dental opt for dental implants Navan when they have lost natural adult teeth.

Why are tooth replacement devices necessary?

When adult patients lose a natural tooth, this creates a cavity in the dental arch that opens up the possibility of a number of undesirable consequences. These consequences are directly related to the health and integrity of neighbouring teeth, as well as the gum line and jawbone.

If this gaping hole is not filled in with a suitable artificial tooth prosthetic, over time, orthodontic problems such as teeth moving out of alignment, gum disease and jawbone deterioration develop. It is to avoid these unwanted threats that dental practitioners urge patients with missing teeth to view the situation as a matter of urgency and seek appropriate treatment solutions.

In addition to raising the alarm of oral health, missing teeth that are not replaced also cause other challenges that affect a patient’s mouth function. Common challenges include not being able to bite and chew properly (this hinders effective digestion), not speaking clearly and making it difficult for a patient to practise confidence in professional and social contexts.

Positive points of dental implants Navan

For anyone wanting to know why tooth replacement implants have become the go-to solution of choice, one only has to look at all those positive plus points that are hard to replicate.

The design of tooth replacement implants is extraordinary in that they mirror the exact look and feel of natural teeth. The design includes the dental crown that sits above the gum line and which provides biting and chewing abilities.

To hold the dental crown in place, it is anchored to the jawbone thanks to the installation (through a surgical procedure) of a small metal rod into it that provides a similar function to that of a natural tooth root. This innovative design is responsible for the prosthetic’s stability and efficacy.

Compared to other artificial teeth devices, tooth replacement implants offer a higher longevity value. Seeing that the device becomes a natural part of the mouth structure, it is better able to preserve jawbone quality. This function allows the patient to retain the shape of their face – no bone absorption that creates a ‘sunken look’. This in turn means that the patient avoids challenges such as the device becoming loose in the mouth and needing to be replaced after some time.

The design of tooth replacement implants makes oral hygiene maintenance easy and stress-free. Not only do these dental prosthetics look like natural teeth, but they are also kept clean in the same way too – strict adherence to daily brushing and flossing. No complicated cleaning or sterilising of additional components.

All in all when the plus points are viewed together, they make a convincing argument for dental implants being worth the investment. Of course, you have to be deemed a suitable candidate to choose tooth replacement implants. To determine your suitability should you have teeth missing, give us a call at our practice so that we can set up a consultation for you.

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