Why choose our dentist Meath?

Tuesday, 31st March, 2020

Choosing a dental clinic can be difficult, especially for parents who are choosing a practice for their children. As your dentist in Meath we strive to cater for all of our patients’ needs, whether you are looking for standard general dentistry, such as fillings and gum disease treatment, more complex cosmetic procedures, or possibly even facial aesthetics such as anti-wrinkle injections. 

Get to know us

At our dentist Meath we have received multiple awards for the quality of our dentistry, we are therefore committed to delivering a high standard of dental care within a modern, and clean professional environment. If you are looking for a beautiful smile with a dynamic dental approach then our dental clinic may be right for you. Our competitive dental fees along with our welcoming team of dental healthcare professionals make for an excellent dental experience, even for patients who feel nervous about a visit to their local clinic. 

Feeling anxious about visiting our dentist Meath?

Our dental clinic based within the heart of Navan takes pride in delivering an excellent standard of dental care to all of our patients, which does not exclude those who are experiencing anxiety. If you are a patient who is feeling nervous about receiving dental care with us, then it is important to remember that you are not alone. 

Did you know?

Dental anxiety may be more common than you think, and something we experience often at our dental clinic within Meath. If you do hold queries or concerns regarding your chosen dental treatment then we suggest you visit our clinic for a pre-treatment dental appointment, allowing you to voice any concerns you may hold. 

Give us a call

If you wish for a more direct approach then feel free to give us a call on our telephone number located on our website. Our calls are 100% confidential and allow our patients to speak to a dental healthcare professional about the best possible course of action for their individual dental case. 

An alternative solution

We understand that sometimes talking may not be enough to ease your dental anxiety, which is why we also offer intravenous sedation. Intravenous sedation is commonly used within the field of modern dental care and works by completely relaxing our patients, whilst they remain conscious and therefore aware of their surroundings. 

How does it work?

Sedation is used frequently within the field of dentistry, however many of our patients may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process. A small drip is placed on the back of your hand, the soothing drug is then slowly and evenly released into the bloodstream, allowing a relaxing dental treatment every time. 

How to prepare for your dental sedation

Many nervous patients may wish to prepare for their dental sedation in the best way possible, which is why we place a detailed step-by-step guide on our dental website. Our clinic suggests that patients dress comfortably, as well as remove any makeup, and always arrive at their appointment with a trusted family member, or friend. 

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