Why dental implants Navan are the answer for missing teeth

Tuesday, 25th October, 2022

The functional and aesthetic consequences that follow tooth loss make losing natural teeth a huge problem for patients. Having missing teeth here and there in the dental arch may not seem like a big deal at first, but in the larger scheme of things, the presence of each tooth matters.

Whether it is in biting, chewing, speaking or providing stimulation for jawbone quality, each tooth has a role to play in supporting oral function and dental health. When the inevitable happens and natural teeth are lost, patients must look to missing teeth replacement options to replicate the roles of these missing natural teeth. And on the list of missing teeth replacement devices, there is one that comes as close to the natural thing as possible - dental implants Navan.

It is perhaps because of the fact that dental implants Navan are so similar in design and function to real teeth that they have become the dental solution of choice to fill in for teeth that have been lost to decay or injury.

When opting for dental implants Navan, the quality of dental care received is crucial to the implants’ longevity and the quality of the result. At Navan Dental, we have a well-trained and experienced implant dentist to ensure patients overcome their missing teeth-related challenges and improve their quality of life.

Plus points of dental implants

Part of why natural teeth perform the many roles they are responsible for so well is their solid and stable structure. Missing teeth replacement options that cannot offer this same level of stability are less equipped to perform these roles to this level. Dental implants, however, can because of their design.

In the same way that natural teeth consist of roots that anchor them to the jawbone, so too do dental implants. A metal abutment is surgically implanted into the jawbone to keep the dental crown that is placed on top firmly in place. This metal abutment also replicates the much-needed stimulation that a natural tooth root provides to the jawbone.

Even though the dental implant is, in essence, an artificial device, it becomes a natural part of the mouth because it is fused to the jawbone; this plus point makes the device comfortable for the patient.

It is par for the course that some dental solutions will need replacing over a certain period. With dental implants, the shelf life can be considerably longer, provided they are looked after and maintained properly. Aftercare is essential to protect the longevity of implants, so patients would do well to ensure they have a full understanding of what is involved.

Dental implants sound like a brilliant solution; however, there are certain criteria that need to be met for anyone wanting to make use of this dental option. Good dental health and sufficient jawbone quality are two of the most important factors dentists will want to determine.

Be wary of any dentist who agrees to carry out dental implant treatments without a comprehensive consultation and assessment first. For a professional consultation with a dentist experienced in dental implantation, contact us at Navan Dental.

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