Why live with missing teeth? Consider dental implants Navan

Tuesday, 9th November, 2021

In this day and age, there is absolutely no need for you to suffer from the loss of any of your teeth either from tooth decay or an accident. We are living in an age of technological advances that allow us to do so many things that were only dreamt of in the preceding years. For centuries, dental science has grappled with different forms of tooth replacement. As far back as 2000 BC, people in China experimented on the use of bamboo pegs to replace missing teeth.

Dental science and technology have combined over the past sixty years to finally produce dental implants Navan. This amazing procedure means that living with missing teeth is no longer necessary and having the ability to chew food as normal is well within your grasp. The inability to properly chew your food can result in gastric problems as your stomach struggles to digest food that has not been shredded enough.

We want to restore your confidence

Our team at Navan Dental seeks to not only repair and maintain your teeth but also restore your confidence if it has suffered as a result of tooth loss. Many people feel very self-conscious if they have a missing tooth that becomes evident when they smile; this is especially so if it is a front tooth.

The initial process

Dental implants Navan is a procedure that can mimic your natural teeth by providing a solid base in your jaw and acting like a root, rather than a denture, which rests on your gums.

We will conduct a thorough examination of your oral cavity by taking x-rays and digital scans to identify the exact location of the lost tooth. We will also need to calculate the density of your jaw bone to ascertain whether a bone graft is necessary so that a sturdy foundation for the artificial root can be provided.

Once we are all happy that everything is correct, the procedure can begin. We will make a small incision in your gum and drill into your jaw bone to place a titanium screw into it; this will all be done under local anaesthesia. We use titanium because the bone and gum can easily fuse with this material.

After this procedure, we need to wait for about 8-12 weeks for your gums and jaw bone to fully heal.

Completing the procedure

Once your gums and jaw bone are fully healed, we will fit an abutment to the titanium post; this provides a stable platform for the artificial tooth or crown. The crown can be made using metal and/or porcelain and is designed to replicate the shape and colour of your existing teeth. The crown will then be screwed into the abutment and look and feel like your very own tooth back in its place.

Eat and drink like you have your natural teeth

Dental implants Navan can replace a single tooth, up to four teeth on one single implant or a full set of teeth on just four implants. A few weeks after the procedure, you can begin to eat and drink as you did when you had a full set of teeth. This procedure can provide you with a very natural tooth replacement. Dental care and maintenance are no different to how you would look after and take care of your natural teeth.

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