Why should patients worry about finding a trusted dentist?

Tuesday, 24th December, 2019

When it comes to medical surgical procedures, one of the top priorities for a patient is to find the best medical practitioner in that field. And so it should be when it comes to dental health as well. The role a competent dentist Meath Navan plays in dental health is a critical one.

It has long been understood that dental health plays an influential role in a patient's general physical well-being and mental and psychological health. Consider for a moment the adverse impact missing teeth has on a patient's life; low self-esteem issues which can affect a patient's social and professional life, deterioration of oral health, not to mention the difficulties experienced when attempting to chew food.

How do patients find a good dentist Meath Navan? Most patients are already familiar with the importance of asking for recommendations from family, friends and colleagues. There are also a number of signs to look out for that range from the environment of the dental clinic to how thorough  the consultation experience is.

Markers that set a good dental practitioner apart from a bad one

1. A clean and welcoming dental clinic

Patients should not disregard the look and feel of a dental clinic's physical environment. How clean and organised it is can reveal much about the management style of the practising dentist. Furniture and dental instruments should be clean and equipment should be stored safely when not in use. 

2. Takes the time to educate the patient

A large part of good dental health depends on the hygiene routine a patient maintains at home. A responsible dentist Meath Navan will ensure the patient knows what is required to keep their mouths scrupulously clean by taking the time to explain their dental issue, what brought it about and the complications that can arise if certain behaviours are not changed.

3. Provides a superior level of patient experience

The quality of experience a patient receives at the hands of a dental practitioner will influence whether the patient will return to that dental clinic or find another one. In determining a good fit, a patient should consider the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff whether face-to-face or on the phone and how thorough the assessment is of their oral health. Does the appointment feel rushed or has the dental practitioner taken the time to get to know the patient and their full medical and dental history? This is critical if the patient is to receive the best treatment plan and outcomes.

The following questions may be helpful in evaluating patient experience:

  • Has the dental practitioner really listened to my concerns?
  • Was I kept waiting for an inordinately long time with no explanation given?
  • Did the dental practitioner take steps to reduce my level of discomfort?

Patients should also be aware of red flags that highlight a dental clinic that is best to be avoided. Poor quality dental work can easily be made out if, soon after receiving treatment, a patient experiences problems such as a filling falling out (this should not happen if the patient follows the advice of the dentist). 

Feel confident about your smile. Let Navan Dental help you protect your dental health. Give us a call today for that vital check-up appointment. For the convenience of our patients, we accept medical card patients including Irish NHS.

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