Why would orthodontics be necessary?

Tuesday, 18th August, 2020

Do you find yourself hiding your smile? Are you worried about how your smile looks in photos or when you laugh? Do you hide yourself from the limelight out of fear of judgment? Orthodontist Navan are a series of treatments that could become a valid choice for you if you are uncomfortable with your smile or wish that your smile was straighter. Straightening your teeth could provide you with many benefits aside from just the aesthetics of a straight and healthy looking smile. A straighter smile is a more functional one, where teeth can chop food up with more ease. A straighter smile is also one that can be cleaned more easily as teeth are in their proper positions, this means that the risk of issues, such as gum disease can be reduced. People can sometimes assume that braces in their varying forms are not an accessible treatment, because brace wearing takes too long, is too expensive and is painful. These are all things that have been taken into consideration as the science behind this treatment has developed and now braces as dental treatment are more comfortable than ever. This article will run through what treatments are available for you and your smile, as well as how these treatments work.

What treatments are available?

Orthodontist Navan covers very different treatment options. This allows our patients to make informed choices about the specific type of brace that will work for them and their lifestyle best. The first kind of brace is the Inman aligner, this treatment can be described as an efficient brace that can assist you in the straightening of your front teeth. This process usually takes around 6-18 weeks. This treatment has been specially designed for patients who wish to align the front section of their teeth and allows them to do this quickly, easily and safely. Many patients have been impressed by this treatment and the results that it has achieved for them, especially when compared to more traditional braces. 

Another type of brace that is available is the Clear Smile Aligner. This brace corrects the position of your teeth in an efficient and smooth manner. These braces boast the fact that they are virtually undetectable as they are clear, meaning that patients can go through this treatment and not have other people realise they are doing so. Another treatment option is to have Six Month Smiles. This treatment option takes the best and most efficient aspects of braces and modified science to have the best effect on your smile. These braces also use clear aligners to allow patients to straighten their teeth in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Many patients also decide to whiten their new smile to have it picture-perfect following their treatment.

What should I do next?

If you think that Orthodontist Navan could be the right fit for you and your smile you could consider getting in touch with us here at Navan Dental. We can then begin to work together to build you the smile that you always wished you had. We want everyone to have the chance to be proud of their smile and not have to shy away from the limelight.

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