Worried about coming to see our dentist? How we can ease your nerves during a check-up

Tuesday, 2nd February, 2021

Does the thought of attending a dental check-up fill you with dread? You’re not alone!

Listed frequently as one of the most worrying scenarios, even in 2021, many people are still less than enthused about attending a check-up.

Potentially due to issues in childhood, many patients view dental practitioners as judgmental or think that dental care in general is going to hurt. But modern dental care is more compassionate than that and by avoiding dental check-ups, you are probably making your overall dental health worse.

But, as we said earlier, you aren’t alone!

Our team at Navan Dental has helped numerous patients with mild worries to full-on phobias attend dental check-ups and we work with you to help you feel more comfortable. Our dentist Navan will take their time with you, ensuring that you feel your concerns are addressed and you feel empowered after every check-up with us.

So, how does our dentist Navan help our more phobic patients cope with check-ups? Read on to find out.


While we will always treat all of our patients with the highest level of care, if you have concerns or are phobic about getting into the chair, please let us know!

Our dentist Navan will then work to build a rapport with you, allowing you to feel more relaxed as they check your teeth. Remember, we do not judge here and will only aim to get you back to a level of good oral health.


Does the dental drill make you feel uncomfortable? Don't worry!

If it does, why not bring along your phone to listen to music or an audiobook? That way, you can listen to something familiar while our team examines your teeth. Great stuff!


In a similar vein to listening to an audiobook, why not listen to a guided meditation or practise some deep breathing exercises while you are with us?

Granted, our dental team are not exactly zen masters, but we can show you basic techniques that will slow your heart rate and in turn, calm your nerves while we look at your teeth.

Intravenous sedation

If you need a bit more help than a guided meditation, we can offer you intravenous (IV) sedation. This will not put you to sleep, but will render you sedated and able to respond to our dental team's instructions while feeling relaxed and distant from the surgery.

We will need to book you in for any kind of sedation and in turn, we must insist that you bring along an age-appropriate friend or family member on the day; we will not administer IV sedation if there is no-one with you to escort you home safely afterwards.

Once at home, you must not operate heavy machinery and you must refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours. We must advise that you relax for the rest of the day and have someone else prepare any hot meals and hot drinks for you (such as tea) while minimising exposure to heavy foods.

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