Worried about dental implants falling out? Top myths debunked by Navan Dental

Tuesday, 9th February, 2021

Unless you have been living on a desert island, you have probably heard about oral implants.

Attached to your jaw and composed of the root implant, the abutment and the crown (or prosthetic tooth), they have helped thousands of people regain their smiles and offer a more long-term solution to tooth loss than dentures or fitted bridges.

But, as with many new things, they have also attracted a wave of falsehoods and myths which can prevent people from talking to their dentist about them.

At Navan Dental, we have fitted many dental implants Navan and have seen first hand how they can not only restore someone's smile, but how they can change dental habits and even nutrition. We have heard all the myths before from concerned patients and are here to assure you that this procedure is completely safe!

So, with that in mind, what are some of the myths about dental implants Navan that you may have read online?

Myth 1- They will get infected

While the fitting process that accompanies dental implants Navan does seem like one that might get infected, we will always practise the highest levels of hygiene during any fitting procedure, reducing the chances of infection greatly.

Of course, we cannot control the world and if you notice prolonged discomfort, swelling or feel ill after the implant fitting, contact our team for an emergency check-up.

Myth 2- Food can get stuck underneath them

This is an odd myth!

During the implant fitting, the gum will need to be pulled back to expose the jaw, but once all is in place, the area is sewn back together again, thus preventing food or anything else from getting caught under the implant.

While it is important to avoid putting pressure on the implant site, you can keep the area free from debris by rinsing it with saltwater.

Myth 3- They fall out

Yes, implants can fall out, but this is very rare and doesn’t just happen when you are chomping on an apple.

Pressure applied to implants when they are fusing to the bone can cause them to come loose, so refrain from eating hard foods during this period. If it feels like your implants are moving, contact our team for a check-up.

Myth 4- They look fake

The implant itself is below the gum line, but in this case, we assume the myth is based around the crown or prosthetic tooth.

And no, they do not look fake, our team will take great care to craft a tooth or teeth that look the same as your natural ones, in size, shape and colour, so when they are attached they will blend in seamlessly.

Myth 5- They require a lot of extra care

One key benefit of implants is that once the prosthetics are attached, they require no more care than regular teeth. Brush them twice a day, visit our team for check-ups and refrain from activities like smoking which may damage them and cause the supporting gums to recede.

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