Worried about needing braces as an adult? Try orthodontics at Navan Dental

Tuesday, 15th October, 2019

Fewer things strike panic into the hearts of our patients than being told by a member of our dental team that they should undertake orthodontics in Navan.

While the long-term benefits of this treatment option are obvious to anyone who has ever worn a brace or aligner, they remain as unpopular as ever amongst dental patients, who are worried about the impact a brace may have on their appearance and confidence in the short term.

As dentistry has evolved, so have braces and aligners, and today our dental team can offer you a range of different treatments surrounding orthodontics in Navan. Even if you are an adult, we can help you get that coveted straight smile in an accelerated time frame and at a great price.

In this article, we will highlight some of our most popular orthodontics in Navan,to provide you with more insight into your options.

Traditional braces

Of course, let's start from the top with the gold standard; the traditional, metal braces. The most historic of all of our braces, this aligner is commonly used to help children with misalignment issues, but can also be used to help adults who have severe or more complicated misalignments.

Placed on the front of the teeth with metal brackets, our team will help straighten your smile by gently tightening the wire on your braces, so as to move your teeth into a new position. A lesser known version of this brace is the lingual brace, which is placed on the back of your teeth.

Inman aligner

An alternative version of the invisible braces is the Inman Aligner, which is perfect for adults whose teeth have become slightly crooked or misaligned over time.

The system uses an opposing set of coils to gently move your teeth into their new position and typically, all treatments with the Inman Aligner, are completed in 6-18 weeks. This option is also removable and visually discreet, but must be worn for up to 22 hours a day in order for you to gain the most benefit.
Six-month smiles

Another clear brace, the Six-Month Smile does exactly what it says on the tin; many patients have a straighter smile in six months or less due to accelerated technology.

If you need straighter teeth in a hurry and have a mild misalignment, talk to our dental team about this option.
Clear smile aligner

With treatments usually lasting between 6- 24 months, this aligner is a bit more varied in its treatment time, but is great for correcting gaps, crooked smiles or protrusions.

Transparent, custom made and removable, this aligner is adaptable to any lifestyle and provides maximum comfort; just make sure to wear them for up to 20 hours per day to get the most benefit.
Curious about which treatment option is right for you? Call a member of our team today to book your free adult brace consultation


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