Worried about oral cancer? 5 signs to look out for from our dentist Meath

Tuesday, 23rd February, 2021

It is something that everyone worries about but rarely talks about; cancer.

In this instance, as we are a dental surgery, we will be talking about one of the most common (and treatable) cancers; oral cancer.

Why? Because, unfortunately, numbers of oral cancer are on the rise and while we could view that as purely negative, it is actually a sign that more dental surgeries are detecting it at an earlier stage. And with more surgeries offering screenings at check-ups, it is important to not only attend your check-ups as often as possible but to also know the signs of oral cancer.

At Navan Dental, our dentist Meath prides themselves on ensuring that all of our patients undergo regular cancer screening, while also keeping an eye out for more common dental issues like cavities. We can detect such serious issues early and can refer patients on for further testing if necessary, to improve their chances of recovery. Great stuff!

But what are some of the signs of oral cancer that should not be ignored? Our dentist Meath highlights the top 5 below.


OK, so bleeding after brushing may indicate that you either brushed too hard or have mild gingivitis. Neither is too serious and is easily resolved with some care.

But if after using a soft-bristled brush and a course of over the counter mouthwash designed to manage gingivitis and you are still bleeding, you need to see our dentist Meath as soon as possible.

Recurrent ulcers

Again, recurrent ulcers are usually indicative of something far more benign than cancer, such as food allergies, but if you keep experiencing them regardless of oral hygiene levels, you will need cancer screening.

If ulcers are present, we may remove part of them (biopsy) to send away to a lab for testing. If there are no ulcers present at the time of your appointment, we may remove some of the tissue where they are occurring for a more in-depth analysis.

Soreness when opening your mouth wide

Soreness when opening your mouth can present a diagnostic issue between temporomandibular joint disorder and cancer, so if you notice pain when yawning, come and see us.

The underlying cause of pain when yawning is linked to metastatic growths in the oral cavity, so our team may need to conduct X-Rays and other tests to determine what is creating the discomfort.

Issues with swallowing

Do you feel like you constantly have a lump in your throat that doesn’t resolve with clearing your throat? Come and see us!

A lump in your throat may signify something fairly common such as acid reflux, but also indicate growths in the oesophagus. Either way, both require medical attention and as mentioned earlier, our team can refer you on if necessary.


Oral swellings are fairly common and can be due to anything from gingivitis to allergies.

If you notice a slow-growing lump on your gum, (or even a fast-growing lump) under your jawbone or on your tonsil, book an appointment promptly!

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