Worried that you need an emergency dentist?

Tuesday, 29th October, 2019

When it comes to medical conditions, most people are aware when experiencing an illness, that a visit to their doctor is required, or that it is time to visit their local emergency department.

When it comes to dental issues, many patients are still unaware of what constitutes a dental emergency, and may therefore be suffering needlessly, waiting until days later for a routine dental appointment.

At Navan Dental, we allocate spaces in our daily diaries for those who need to see our emergency dentist Meath, and will always aim to get you seen on the same day that the dental emergency has occurred.

But what dental issues warrant a trip to our emergency dentist Meath?
Unrelenting pain

While many people experience some degree of dental pain from time to time, more often than not, the pain is fleeting and may be caused by sensitivity, which does require some dental attention but is rarely urgent.

Pain that warrants an emergency dental visit is not fleeting; it may feel like a bruise, a pulsating pain that stops you from focusing or even sleeping. If the pain has come on suddenly or gradually, it is vital that you see a dentist Meath as soon as the sensation becomes unbearable, as it can be indicative of a more serious issue like an abscess.
Lost filling or crown

Not always uncomfortable, but a lost filling or a lost crown needs urgent dental attention.

If left until your next biannual check-up, both of these missing dental pieces can cause decay to set into the tooth, or can even allow bacteria to reach the pulp of the tooth, causing a painful infection.

Also, as many people with crowns have had to have their teeth prepped in a certain way to have their crown fitted, damage to any of that work may lead to the loss of the tooth, which we, as dental professionals, want to prevent if possible.
Chipped or cracked tooth

More commonly seen by our dental team in those who play sports, chipped or cracked teeth need to be treated as soon as possible after they occur.

A chipped or cracked tooth may allow bacteria accumulation to enter your teeth, which can lead to further problems. Our dental team will often fix a cracked tooth with a simple composite, repairing the damage and restoring the tooth; all very straightforward with no discomfort.
Sudden swelling

Sudden swelling in any oral tissue, from gums to your inner cheek, needs to be explored further, even if it isn't uncomfortable.

Oral swellings can be indicative of an infection in your teeth or gums or may even be due to an allergic reaction, both of which can become more serious and potentially life threatening if left untreated.
These are our most common dental emergencies at Navan Dental, but if you are worried about a dental problem, call our team today for more information


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