Your need to engage with a dentist Meath

Tuesday, 17th January, 2023

You know how important it is for you to look after your body's health in every possible way, as this will always help you to enjoy your life to the fullest. We would suggest to you that one of the most important areas for you to pay attention to is that of your oral health, as the mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body and is more often than not directly linked to any illness you may suffer from. Think about when you were last unwell and the chances are your mouth was affected by the illness you had, maybe in the form of a sore throat, cough, or dry mouth.

The reality is a large number of adults living in Ireland either do not engage with a dental practice in an efficient way or are not registered with a practice at all. We want to encourage you not to be one of these people. We want you to register with a dentist Meath and attend on a regular basis, so you can undergo oral health check-ups and receive any treatments or services that may benefit you and your oral health and hygiene.

At Navan Dental our aim is to help every patient that walks through our doors to obtain and maintain the best quality oral health that they possibly can, this relies upon our patients engaging with us to undergo their oral health check-ups and receive treatment when needed that may benefit them.

Your oral check-ups

Your oral health check-ups at our dentist Meath may consist of some of the most important time you spend at our dental practice with our team of dental professionals. This time is often used to spot the warning signs of a developing issue, which will allow early intervention in the form of preventive treatment that should stop any problem from worsening.

Of course, the main purpose of your oral check-up is to allow your teeth and gums to be fully examined by one of our trained professionals, who will record their findings in your case file. Should it be found that you would benefit from receiving some treatment this will be fully outlined and discussed with you. Once an agreement about treatment has been cemented with you, a care plan will be drawn up that will outline the treatment agreed and appointments will be made for your treatment to begin.

You should also use your check-up time to stimulate a conversation around your oral health and hygiene needs with the professionals involved in your oral care, as it is only when you raise concerns and ask questions that a professional can be sure that they are heading in a treatment direction that is right for you.

One final purpose of your oral check-up is to create a time and a system that makes it easy to make referrals to other specialised professionals if you should need it. This means if you would benefit from the services of a hygienist or orthodontist you should be able to see them quickly and with as little delay as possible.

Register today

If you are not registered with a dentist Meath then we would urge you to change this. You can register with our practice in a quick and simple way, it begins with you making a short phone call to our reception. Be aware that we also accept medical card patients.

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