Invisible & Clear Braces

Clear Smile Aligner treatments available from Navan Dental

Correcting the position of teeth with the aesthetic ClearSmile Aligner has become an important form of treatment in contemporary orthodontics.

This concept has proved particularly successful in many clinical cases of adult treatment. It ensures optimal treatment results, combined with a high-level of comfort, aesthetics and discretion.

Other people will hardly notice you are wearing these braces, because the ClearSmile Aligner is transparent and smooth, without any brackets or metal components.

Enjoy braces!

Because ClearSmile Aligners are smooth, comfortable and almost invisible, you’ll find that you forget your even wearing braces.

You can enjoy laughing, smiling and normal interactions without the worries normally associated with the more obvious metal braces.

When eating or cleaning your teeth or aligners, you can simply take them out - quick and easy, whenever you like.

Treatment Stages

Here are the steps from consultation to optimal treatment results.

  1. Consultation with the dentist
    A detailed assessment is essential to make sure you are a suitable candidate for ClearSmile Aligners and understand the alternative options.
  2. Archwize simulation
    Once you have decided to proceed with the treatment, impressions are taken and an Archwize simulation is produced to that you can see the final result on a 3D model and check that both you and the dentist are happy with the proposed result. Adjustments can be made if required.
  3. ClearSmile Aligner production
    The custom ClearSmile aligners are made to the highest standards using a combination of 3D printing and moulding.
  4. Treatment
    Your dentist will regularly monitor the progress of the ClearSmile Aligner treatment. New impressions are taken every 6 aligners to ensure that the treatment goals are met.
  5. Retention
    All orthodontics requires retention to avoid a degree of relapse.
  6. Patients will often avail of our teeth whitening offer after straightening their teeth, to give themselves both a straighter and whiter smile.

Possible Applications

The possible applications of ClearSmile Aligners are very varied. Gaps or crowded teeth are the most common concerns treated.

It’s essential that a detailed assessment is carried out to make sure you are a suitable candidate for ClearSmile Aligners and understand the alternative options.


What is the ClearSmile system?

Clear Smile is a system of transparent aligners used to correct malpositioned teeth. Unlike metallic braces, these practically invisible aligners can be removed at any time. Treatment with ClearSmile is almost completely painless, because it uses very small amounts of pressure to gently and progressively correct tooth positions. ClearSmile aligners are manufactured from lightweight transparent materials custom made for each patient, making them very comfortable.

Is ClearSmile Aligner system suitable for adults?

Yes, Clear Smile treatment is in fact designed only for adults.

How long does treatment with ClearSmile Aligners take?

As with conventional fixed braces, ClearSmile aligners may take more or less time to have their desired effect depending on the positon of your teeth. Treatment with ClearSmile normally lasts 6-24 months. Your practitioner will set out treatment times before you start your ClearSmile treatment based on the Archwize simulations.


ClearSmile Aligner Treatment Before and After Photos

Clear Aligner Before and after treatment photos

Clear Aligner before and after treatment photos

Clear Aligner before and after treatment photos


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