White Fillings

At Navan Dental, as an award winning practice we are often asked advice on "white" fillings. They are the most common type of cosmetic dental treatment. The traditional mercury - containing metal (grey or black) fillings are not so popular nowadays, although they are all that HSE (Medical Card) dentistry provides for back teeth.

Where possible, Navan Dental prefer to place dental white fillings (composite fillings) rather than grey or black fillings (amalgam fillings), due to their better appearance.

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Here is a picture showing what White Fillings are - Before and after treatment

White Fillings available at Navan Dental

Some people have health concerns about dental amalgam, which are not generally accepted by the vast majority of the dental profession, while other people just don't like how they look. Grey fillings can last for years but can also in time expand and eventually crack the surrounding tooth.

Another issue is that these amalgam fillings can discolour the tooth it is placed in, to the point that not even teeth whitening, or changing the filling will solve the problem.

For all these reasons we are placing fewer amalgam fillings than we have done in the past. Small to medium sized metal fillings can be simply and inexpensively replaced with a like - for - like white filling in a single visit.

Larger fillings are sometimes replaced with an inlay or an onlay, or a crown, which are laboratory made bespoke restorations.  These take two visits to complete.

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