Price Comparison

*Prices are correct at the time of compiling the dental price comparison information, and are based on the Euro to Sterling exchange rate at that time.*

Dental TreatmentNavan DentalNorthern Ireland PracticeDublin Practice
Consultation/Check up€30€60€60
Check up and cleaning€60€120€95
Hygienist Visit/Cleaning with Dentist€60€65€85
Xrays (small to large)€10 - €50€8 - €40€20 - €60
Issue of a Prescription €25€25€35
Primary School Child's Check Up (under 12 years of age)Freen/a€50
Secondary School Child's Check Up (over 12 years of age)€20n/a€50
Grey fillings (Amalgam)   
White fillings (Composite)   
Fissure Sealants€40 each or 4 sealants for €100n/a€35 each
Root Canal Treatments
(20% tax relief available)
Front Teeth €300
Back Teeth from €400
Front Teeth €400
Back Teeth from €580
Front Teeth €495
Back Teeth from €750
Simple Extraction€80€120€95
Difficult Extraction€130€200€145
Wisdom tooth extraction€160€225€250
Periodontal Treatment   
Deep Cleaning Under Local Anaesthetic per visit€120€200€240
Teeth Whitening Special Offer (includes check up and clean)€199€450 (excludes check up and clean)€350 (excludes exam and clean)
Crown/Bridges/Veneers (20% tax relief available)   
Crowns (cap over tooth)€395 - €700€580 - €770€780 - €980
Veneers (composite)€250n/a€300
Veneers (porcelain)€500 - €700€580 - €710€900
Bridges (per unit)€395 - €700€580 - €750€780 - €980
Maryland Bridge€500 - €1000€800€750 - €1200
Dentures (price depends on number of teeth)   
Plastic Denturesfrom €300from €450€550 - €795
Cobalt Chrome Denturesfrom €800from €850€1250
Flexible Dentures (Valplast)from €800n/a€850
Full set of Denturesfrom €600€850€950 - €1800
Denture Repairs and Additionsfrom €50n/a€100
Mouthguards/Biteguardsfrom €60€90from €75
Braces (20% tax relief available)   
Inman Aligner (Our price includes ALL visits
and 1 set of removable retainers)
from €1985 (including assessment and retainers)€2000 (not including teeth whitening)from €1800 (not including teeth whitening)
Six Month Smiles (Our price includes ALL visits AND BOTH FIXED AND REMOVABLE RETAINERS)from €2400 - €3250(including assessment and retainers)€3000 (not including teeth whitening)€3800 (not including teeth whitening)
Clear Braces€200 per aligner€200 per aligner€4700-€5900 per case
Removable Retainers€110n/a€120
Bonded Retainer (price includes
complimentary removable retainer)
€200n/a€150 (no removable retainer included)
IV Sedation€150€200€260

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