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We are now registered providers with VHI Dental Direct Pay, which makes it easier for you to claim your dental benefits through either Dentist Direct Pay or Pay & Claim.

With Dentist Direct Pay, you only pay us for the costs not covered by your VHI Dental Plan.  There is no need for you to submit a claim.  We will submit the claim to VHI and they will reimburse us directly.


Step 1: Before Attending For Your Appointment

You MUST phone VHI Dental before EACH examination visit – call 046 9077337.

VHI Dental will confirm your benefit entitlements to you.  They will also contact us to say that you are approved.

Step 2: At The Dentist

You attend us for an examination, scale & polish and if necessary x-rays.

If further treatment is required, we will forward a treatment plan to VHI Dental for approval before your next visit.

Following treatment, sign the claim form which we will have. Only pay us for the costs not covered by your plan.

We will then submit the claim to VHI Dental who then pay us directly.


With Pay & Claim, you pay us and then claim your benefits back from VHI Dental.

Step 1: At The Dentist

Following your treatment, you pay us and we will give you an itemised receipt.

Ask us for a VHI Dental Claim form – we will fill sections B and C of the Claim Form

Step 2:  Submit Your Claim

You fill section A of the Claim Form.

Submit the fully completed form along with original receipts to:

VHI Dental Claims

Aria Insurance Services Limited

IDA Business Park


Co Meath.

Claims are paid directly to the member’s bank account within 10 working days.

For further information on VHI Dental, visit the VHI Dental website

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