Why dental implants Navan are the answer for missing teeth

Tuesday, 25th October, 2022

The functional and aesthetic consequences that follow tooth loss make losing natural teeth a huge problem for patients. Having missing teeth here and there in the dental arch may not seem like a big deal at first, but in the larger scheme of things, the…

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Why is it necessary to visit the dentist?

Tuesday, 18th October, 2022

It has become the norm to accept that you will lose your teeth as you advance in years. A report on Oral Health and Wellbeing in Older Irish Adults shows that 40% of adults aged 75 and older do not have use of any natural teeth. The question is, how do…

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What are the benefits of orthodontics Navan?

Tuesday, 11th October, 2022

The visible effects of orthodontist Navan are quite clear, with the final result being a happier smile and healthier mouth. But how this is brought about is not always well understood by patients.You know that you would have to wear a…

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How to find a dentist Navan for nervous patients

Tuesday, 4th October, 2022

Do you experience sleepless nights before a dental appointment, or do you have your heart racing when thinking about sitting in the dental chair? Perhaps your blood pressure hits the roof? These are all common symptoms of dental phobia, a quite common…

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