Why is it necessary to visit the dentist?

Tuesday, 18th October, 2022

It has become the norm to accept that you will lose your teeth as you advance in years. A report on Oral Health and Wellbeing in Older Irish Adults shows that 40% of adults aged 75 and older do not have use of any natural teeth. The question is, how do some older adults keep their natural teeth while others do not?

The answer to this question largely comes down to the choices people make when they are younger. Unless knocked out due to a facial injury, teeth do not just fall out. Dental decay and gum disease are progressive diseases that will eventually result in tooth loss if they are not detected and treated. It is a fact that tooth loss and gum disease are entirely preventable – there is no reason for the undesirable consequences that follow dental decay and gum disease. These poor oral health conditions arise mainly because dental health and hygiene have been neglected.

Why do dental authorities make a song and dance about visiting the dentist Meath? For one, it is the only surefire way to ensure you retain the use of your natural teeth in your advanced years.

Of course, it always helps to be more proactive about your oral health when your dental practice is renowned for outstanding and high-quality dental care. At Navan Dental, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our patients benefit from positive patient experiences when visiting our dentist Meath for their oral health needs.

Benefits of dental visits

Dental visits are the best way to prevent future problems. Before they become major full-blown problems, dental complaints start off with minor red flags. Many of these symptoms announce themselves to patients, such as toothaches or red and inflamed gums.

But there are those signs that appear below the gum line that go unnoticed by patients. It is to identify these warning signs that dental visits are so important. Of course, it is not just the identification of problems that take place during a dental visit. Our dentist Meath will want to take preventive action by suggesting suitable treatment plans to treat the symptoms and stop the development of the problem from progressing further.

Receive reliable advice and guidance on dental hygiene. There is a lot of misinformation doing the rounds, including how to take care of your dental health. The dental appointment is a golden opportunity to have the state of your teeth and gums assessed and get your questions answered by a trained dental professional. Accurate information is imperative if you are to avoid damaging your teeth and gums with unsuitable procedures and treatments.

Dental visits are important for teeth and gum health and for keeping life-sustaining organs, such as the heart and lungs, healthy. Researchers have found that harmful oral bacteria can end up in the blood vessels surrounding the heart and lungs, where they set off blood clots and trigger inflammation. Keeping oral hygiene in check with professional dental cleanings shows kindness to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Taking care of your oral health is just another way to protect your overall health. Let us at Navan Dental help you achieve and maintain the best dental health possible throughout your life. We welcome Medical Card holders.

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