Can dental implants put the spark back into your smile?

Tuesday, 14th September, 2021

Getting the complete picture

Losing a tooth is never easy, no matter how long ago it happened. Here at Navan Dental, we understand the social implications of having one or more visibly missing teeth, as well as the more long-term detrimental health impact which a gap in your mouth can bring.

This is why we strongly advise anyone with a missing tooth or teeth to speak with us about dental implants Navan as a way of permanently restoring both the aesthetics of their smile and its functionality.

Most common treatments for lost teeth, like dentures or bridges, do not address the structural problem of a missing tooth. Rather, these treatments focus primarily on how a patient's smile looks, rather than how it performs.

What this means is that often those who choose these more common treatments for lost teeth often experience discomfort and pain as time progresses and their existing teeth shift out of place.

Dental implants Navan, on the other hand, which we routinely provide for our patients here at Navan Dental, work by being surgically fixed within the patient's jawbone and therefore provide strength and support in the same fashion as a natural tooth would.

How do dental implants Navan work?

Although dental implant treatment has been available for a number of years now, there still continues to be a large proportion of our patients who are unaware that the option is open to them.

Dental implants employ the use of a titanium-alloy socket, which is surgically placed within a patient's jawbone where their new tooth or teeth will be.

Titanium-alloy is specifically used within the dental implant procedure as it is the only known metal that has the ability to naturally fuse itself together with human bone tissue - making it perfect for creating an artificial tooth root.

Once the implant has been placed into the patient’s jawbone and given time to fuse, a custom-made prosthetic can then be fixed within this new anchor point in such a way that it will never shift out of place, as it is attached to the patient's jaw.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

When it comes to treatments for lost teeth, dental implants are the only way to fully and permanently restore the functionality and aesthetics of a lost tooth.

One of the main problems which is faced by patients who have a gap in their teeth which is filled by more common means - like a denture or dental bridge - is that their existing teeth move even further out of place over time.

With dental implants, this problem is stopped in its tracks, as the new tooth is fixed in position in a way that is identical to how natural teeth are secured, and therefore protects the structural integrity of the patient's smile.

Another advantage to choosing dental implants from us here at Navan Dental is the freedom which they afford to patients - such as the ability to chew any tough foods with ease, or the natural feeling of having a whole set of teeth.

If you have either one or multiple missing teeth, it is always a good idea to speak with one of our approachable and considerate dental implant experts here at Navan Dental, and find out if this revolutionary restorative treatment could help put a smile back on your face to be proud of.

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