Caring for your dental implants

Tuesday, 10th May, 2022

Having dental implants Navan fitted is a significant investment in your smile and your future. But you may not be aware of how best to take care of them once they are in situ. Let's find out how you can get the most out of this treatment.

Keeping implants clean

After your dental implants Navan have been fitted, it is vital that you keep the implant site clean. This will help to reduce inflammation and will minimise the chances of infection developing. We advise using lukewarm salt water for the first few days, to disinfect the area and reduce inflammation. If you have any natural teeth in your mouth, you should continue to brush and floss them as you normally would. But take care to not knock or place pressure on your oral implants.

Our team’s role

It is the role of our team to ensure the osseointegration occurs correctly and that you get the life you want with your oral implants and your prosthetic teeth. To do this, we will use the highest quality surgical tools to fit the implant and will ensure that our more nervous patients are sedated to help them to remain comfortable. Once the implants are fused, we will need to see you regularly to check on the osseointegration process. If after 12 months there are no signs of osseointegration, we will have to discuss alternative options with you so you can restore your missing teeth.

Smoking and lifestyle

Our team cannot stop you from smoking. However, when it comes to oral implants it is best avoided. This is because the smoke found in cigarettes is full of carcinogenic materials which can penetrate through the gums and into the bloodstream, worsening inflammation and encouraging cancerous growths. This is not something you want, particularly after making a significant investment into having oral implants fitted. It is also worth noting that you should refrain from consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, as this has been linked to gum disease, which can cause your oral implants to fall out.

Daily care

To care for your oral implants, you will need to brush them every day as you would your normal teeth. It is also advisable to floss them, as this is known to be a great preventive measure when dealing with gum disease. You will also need to see our team for check-ups. This is so we can assess the condition of the implants and the gum tissue and enquire as to any problems you may be having whilst maintaining your oral implants.

When an appointment is needed

After you have had the surgery completed to have your dental implants Navan fitted, this time is critical as osseointegration has to occur in order for the implant to fuse correctly. Without a securely fused implant, we will not be able to place the prosthetic denture, crown or bridge. If you have concerns that your oral implant is wobbling or if it is bleeding, then you need to see our team. Once the implant has fused, if it becomes loose due to trauma, then you will also need to book an appointment to see us, and we will aim to restore full function to the implant. 

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