Checkups for children with your dentist in Navan

Tuesday, 7th July, 2020

By bringing your child into our friendly dentist in Navan as soon as their first teeth erupt, you are setting up a life long healthy habit for them of ensuring they are doing what they can to maintain a strong, clean smile. 

The first few years of oral health care for your child not only enables you to confidently teach them how to brush their teeth correctly, but it also establishes a sense of normality for them and can reduce dental fear. 

By popping into your dentist in Navan every 6 months during infancy, childhood and beyond, our professionals can work on preventive treatment plans and education for your child. So that they can learn the importance of brushing their teeth, how to brush their teeth properly and can enjoy having pain free and healthy teeth.

Why do I have to bring my baby in? They don't understand what's going on

These first few dental visits are important for both you and your child. We would love to get to know you and answer any questions that you may have as well as get to meet your little one who is undoubtedly teething at the time. We know each child is different and parents can have some burning questions that should be addressed by a professional to ease anxiety and concern. 

Usually, we just take a quick look inside your baby's mouth with them sitting on your knee at this stage, allowing them to become accustomed to the sights, smells and feeling of what goes on in a dental clinic. This initial visitation paves the way for consultations as they get older and that sense of familiarity will be extremely beneficial when your child begins to understand their surroundings. 

What preventive treatments can we offer a child

Although baby teeth are designed to fall out, your dentist in Navan wants to impress upon you the importance of keeping these teeth healthy. Milk teeth that fall out prematurely can cause growth issues in adult teeth, causing them to twist up in the mouth as they grow through.

Habits are also established during these early years and keeping these milk teeth clean will improve the likelihood that you can keep adult teeth clean as well. 

Because so many young children end up with cavities in their freshly formed adult teeth; a complication that stays with them for life. Preventive measures have been decided upon by professionals in an attempt to maintain a good condition for young teeth.

With fluoride applications to strengthen teeth available, you can be sure that mineralisation of teeth occurs when brushing doesn't always happen as it should. 

We also can provide a sealant placed on the back teeth where deep grooves can be hard to brush by young children and as a result carry cavity-causing bacteria in excess. A sealant fills in these deep grooves and protects this often easily damaged area in a child's mouth. Once the sealant chips away over time, we can easily replace it again for you.

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