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Tuesday, 3rd August, 2021

From its inception, Navan dental was always going to be a community dentist that treated a wide demographic. We are proud to be one of the few clinics that accept medical card scheme holders and we are happy for our dentist Navan to treat all those under the PRSI Social Welfare Scheme.

Pay-related social insurance

Although the PRSI used to be more generous, there have been major changes since 2009. All that it covers is a yearly dental examination. Unfortunately, all related treatments or interventions are not covered under the standard pay related social insurance.

Medical card holders

If you have a valid medical card, you are entitled to dental care as part of the dental treatment services scheme or DTSS. The range of treatments is restrictive, with one dental examination per year while a single extraction per year is also covered if required. If you have an infection or are in pain, our dentist Navan can treat this immediately. For more complex treatments, we have to check with a local authority, the HSE Principal Dental Surgeon, to confirm that the work is truly required before proceeding.

Denture repair is considered an emergency procedure and will be immediately approved for all medical card holders. Please note that we can only provide free emergency dental care if you have your medical card with you when you visit the clinic.

All dental procedures for children are free and occur through referrals from school screening programmes. Although under the age of 16, all child patients will require a medical card to receive emergency dental care at the clinic. If this is not possible, please attend your local hospital.

St. Paul's Garda Medical Aid

We are very pleased to be able to support the Garda through the St. Paul's Garda Medical Aid scheme which allows the fundamentals of dentistry to be provided at a significant discount to active service personnel.

Self-employed tax relief

If you are self-employed, several of our dental procedures are considered appropriate for tax relief. This includes crowns, bridges and orthodontics as well as more cosmetic procedures like veneers. To fully claim your tax relief, you will need to complete a med-2 form, which is sent along with your med-1 and your P60, when filing your tax returns to the revenue.

Beyond the available state benefits, the prices at our surgery are extremely competitive and aimed at providing a basic standard of care to as many people as possible; healthy, functioning teeth should not be exclusive. This has led to many of our patients travelling a substantial distance to seek out our services. We are very pleased to be making a difference in people's lives, with our dentist Navan, and we hope to make a difference in your life too.

If you require further help or guidance with any aspect of dental benefits or would like to see a full list of our treatments, please feel free to get in contact with the clinic and our reception staff will be happy to help.

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