Concerns about oral cancer creeping in? Below, our dentist Meath puts you at ease

Tuesday, 26th July, 2022

Cancer is a topic that unfortunately rears its ugly head from time to time. We all have either known someone who has had it or been through it ourselves. Cancer is a topic we do not necessarily want to discuss, but it is of great importance.

At our dental practice, the type of cancer we come across regularly is oral cancer, which is not only common but luckily also treatable. Now whilst reading that our dental practice regularly sees cases of oral cancer may fill you with negative feelings, in truth, it is partially a positive occurrence as it means we are detecting cancer and combating it at an early stage. With oral cancer screenings and regular checkup appointments, our dentist Meath can detect the early signs and put in a plan to reduce and hopefully eliminate them early on.

At Navan Dental, we offer regular cancer screenings with our dentist Meath. Through the combination of screenings and regular checkups, we can monitor the overall oral health and ensure that the early signs of oral cancer are detected and investigated further.

Whilst it is important for our dental team to know the signs, it is also important that you keep an eye on your oral health as well. With this in mind, our dentist Meath highlights some of the more common signs.

Bleeding gums

As you may already know, bleeding gums can be a sign of multiple things, from gum disease to simply brushing the teeth a little too hard. Therefore, should you be experiencing some minor bleeding, a trip to our hygienist along with altering your oral hygiene process can be the solution. However, if the bleeding continues despite these alterations to your oral health, it is important to get an appointment promptly with our dental team.


Ulcers, similarly to the bleeding gums, can signify multiple issues that are not cancer-related. From food allergies to bitten gums, many ulcers can simply be those without an underlying health issue. However, if your oral health is in top condition and the ulcers continue to show up regularly, it would be worthwhile getting a cancer screening carried out.

Difficulties when swallowing

Swallowing is something we naturally do multiple times throughout the day and should also feel entirely natural. For those who feel as though there is a lump in their throat that never seems to clear, or for those who feel sore when they swallow, a trip to see our dentist is the way to go. Once again, it may be acid reflux or something else less sinister, but either way, getting checked out is always the best option.


We all have lumps and bumps on our bodies, but when one begins to grow within the mouth, it is important to pop in as quickly as possible to our dental practice. Early detection is the best way to tackle oral cancer; therefore, the minute something changes within your oral health, pop into the practice to ensure your health remains on top form.

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