Considering orthodontic work? Here is everything you need to know

Monday, 24th June, 2019

Do you hate the way your teeth look when you smile? Does their crookedness or 'buck-like' appearance cause you shame, embarrassment or negatively impact your self-esteem? There are devices and treatment solutions orthodontists can implement that move your teeth into their desired position. Entrust our team of experts at Navan Dental to correct your issue, however big or small.  

Am I a candidate for a teeth straightening device?

Having crooked teeth is not the only reason for considering braces, an incorrect bite affects the way you speak, eat, chew and your overall lifestyle. 

Fixing a misalignment might have an aesthetically pleasing outcome, but orthodontist Navan also assist in improving your general dental health and hygiene. First, it is hard to keep an overcrowded mouth free of plaque, this fact can result in a range of oral infections. Secondly, an overbite that places too much pressure on your jaw causes joint problems and tension headaches. 

Can I sort my teeth out if I am an adult?

Children aged 12 and 13 are the biggest recipients of braces if they have a fully developed set of teeth and jaw.

While one is advised to align one's teeth at an early age to avoid more complex issues in the future, it is not to say that adults cannot consider undergoing treatment. We can help you, no matter your age, simply contact us for a consultation with our qualified and experienced dental practitioner. 

Diagnosing the problem.

We understand that you might want to begin the process immediately once you have decided you want braces or whichever straightening aid is deemed suitable for your condition. 

However, your orthodontist must administer a series of tests and examinations before treatment can begin. First, we assess your medical history, take x-rays and make dental impressions of your teeth, to investigate the nature of your problem and the correct solution by which to have it solved. 

What are the options available to me?

There is no 'one-size-fits-all', and there are choices that we can discuss with you to best match your needs. The extent of your issue, whether it is mild, moderate or something more complex and specific, needs to be considered. 

Generally speaking, there are two main types of devices: removable ones and fixed ones. 

Removable braces include Invisalign, a transparent retainer system that has taken the orthodontic world by storm. Invisalign or Invisible braces are popular because they are discreet and will not restrict your lifestyle. You can take them out, to brush your teeth, eat, and if playing contact sports. They are limited in the misalignments they can correct, and so might not be a right fit for you if you face a severe or more complicated malocclusion. 

Traditional metal braces or ceramic braces are the most well-known straightening devices. They are fixed, meaning you cannot have them removed unless by a professional. The archwire (the thin metal that loops between brackets) puts pressure on your teeth to gradually move them into the ideal position. Whilst visible to a naked eye, ceramic braces use brackets that are tooth-coloured and thereby less noticeable in appearance. 

Can my local dentist oversee my programme?

The role of a dentist is generalised, tending to matters relating to the mouth, teeth and jaw. On the other hand, orthodontist Navan's work is specific to correcting misalignments and bite problems. 

This means that unless your dental practitioner has studied further and is trained as an orthodontist, he or she is not qualified to attend to your crooked teeth.

Deciding to have your teeth repositioned might seem like a terrifying and painful ordeal, but we make the journey more comfortable and will fulfil our promise of helping you achieve, not only a million-dollar smile, but optimal oral health and hygiene.

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