Could dental implants restore the power to your smile?

Tuesday, 15th March, 2022

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For our patients out there who are missing all, some or one of their teeth we strongly recommend that you speak with our experienced practitioners about dental implants Navan. Losing even a single tooth - be it through injury, time or neglect - has severe consequences which should never be overlooked, as it is a problem that has a tendency to worsen over time rather than get better.

While there are several forms of treatment available for lost teeth, dental implants Navan provide the only way for patients to restore the functionality and strength of their smile alongside its aesthetics, as the implants are embedded inside the patient's jawbone in such as way that they are permanently fixed in position and have little to no risk of shifting as the years go by.

Are dental implants worth it?

The question of whether or not getting dental implants Navan is worth it or not, when compared to more conventional and typically cheaper alternative options like crowns, dentures or bridges is one which we are often asked by patients here at Navan Dental and our answer is always empathetically yes.

One of the main reasons why dental implant treatment typically costs more than other alternatives is because, unlike other options, it is the only possibly permanent solution for lost teeth. If you decide to fill a gap or gaps in your mouth through dentures or bridges alone your smile will be at a far higher risk of developing serious dental problems over a prolonged time period.

This is due to the fact that such treatments only really fill the gaps in your smile superficially, by resting on your gum line and gaining support from your remaining natural teeth.

While this approach may be somewhat effective in the short term, if your remaining teeth move out of position then it can lead to the crowns or bridges becoming crooked or rubbing against your gums causing discomfort. Dental implants do not present this issue as they are forever fused into position, which means patients can use them confidently and without fear of damaging them.

Another reason why dental implants are the smartest option, in the long run, is that most patients consider them to be a far more comfortable feeling and natural way of filling a space in the mouth because the implant is embedded in a very similar way to how an original tooth would be.

What happens during dental implant treatment?

Besides the benefits of getting dental implants, the most common thing which our patients want to know is what the actual process of installing dental implants consists of. It should be noted, however, that not all smiles which are missing teeth will be eligible for dental implant treatment because - as a surgical procedure is carried out - your dental health must be of a certain standard for the treatment to be a success. Provided that one of our practitioners decides that dental implants can be installed, however, the process of doing so is relatively simple.

Initially, a small hole is made into your jawbone where the implant will be placed, and a titanium-alloy tooth socket is placed into this hole before our dentist then reseals it over and leaves it to fuse. Following this, there is a short healing period where the implant and the jaw bone bond themselves together.

Once this natural fusion has taken place the hole will be reopened and a prosthesis can be attached to the tooth socket - thus effectively creating a new, permanently attached tooth that will both perfectly resemble the surrounding remaining teeth as well as feel almost identical to a natural one.

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