Could your dental health be improved through dental implants in Navan?

Tuesday, 17th March, 2020

Why seek out dental implants?

Here at Navan Dental, we make it our number one priority to ensure that the dental health of all of our patients is at the absolute best that it can be. One of the most life-changing and beneficial procedures which we provide, is the installation of dental implants Navan. We understand that life can be hard for those who have lost a tooth - however long it has been - and that it can present problems which extend beyond the patient's dental health and often into their mental wellbeing. Rather than simply providing a fill-in-the-gaps type solution, such as dental crowns or bridges, the dental implants in Navan that we provide address the problem at its root. This provides patients with a sturdier tooth which both looks and feels almost identical to a natural tooth.

How do dental implants work?

Whilst other treatments that are designed to replace missing teeth - such as bridges or crowns - work purely by covering up the gap within a patient's jaw, and can often be damaged over time or become uncomfortable - dental implants Navan are a permanent solution. The process of installing dental implants is one which has been refined over centuries, but has advanced massively over the past few decades thanks to modern technologies. The basis behind the procedure is to create an artificial tooth root, which is embedded inside the patient's jawbone, just as a natural tooth would be. This artificial root is created by using a specialised titanium-alloy metal. This metal is used as it is the only material of it's kind which has the ability to meld itself within natural bone tissue. As such, it results in the root being totally amalgamated within the patient's jaw structure and therefore is firmly and forever held in place. 

What does the procedure involve?

If you decide that dental implants are the best course of action to permanently restore your smile, then the initial stages would be to have a friendly, non-committal conversation with your trusted practitioner. This allows you to answer any queries or concerns that they may have about undergoing the procedure. It also allows for the patient's dental practitioner to assess their overall dental wellbeing, and see if any pre existing dental problems such as Gingivitis or Periodontal disease may result in the process being impossible to carry through. Then, assuming that the dentist has found no reason not to continue, the actual installment of the implants will begin. This starts with the gum of the patient being peeled back, within the space where the implant will be placed. Afterwards, holes are surgically made into the jaw bone of the patient. As the artificial root has to become embedded within the patient's bone structure, these holes are made deep into the patient's jaw - whilst they are anesthetised through a local anesthetic. After this, the patient has to wait for a short period of time whilst osseointegration takes place. This is when the bone moulds around the titnaium root, and results in the root being firmly and permanently embedded. After this has happened, a replacement tooth is placed within the artificial root and the space is permanently filled with a sturdy, perfectly identical new tooth which feels exactly as a natural tooth would.

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