Dental implants in Navan

Tuesday, 14th July, 2020

navan replace missing teeth

If you have lost one or several of your teeth because of an illness, an injury or simply due to bad genes or poor oral health, then we can provide you with a chance to achieve full functionality of your smile again with dental implants in Navan.

Dental implants in Navan is an innovative way to meet the needs of a vast number of individuals who have lost one or several of their teeth. We understand losing teeth can be extremely detrimental to your emotional wellbeing and it isn't really until you've lost a tooth of your own do you recognise the importance of having a full set.

So rather than repent and mourn, be proactive about your solutions and talk to a dentist about what the best plan of action will be in replacing that tooth or teeth.

With dental implants in Navan, you can enjoy a durable and long term solution that works best with your body to reduce any negative impacts that can be found with other solutions. Because we effectively replace your missing tooth root with a titanium rod, your body responds to the implant as it would a natural tooth.

Dentures and bridges that sit atop the gums cannot stimulate your jaw bone like natural teeth or replacement implants can. Over time, your jaw bone begins to recede as cells are not replaced in areas that are no longer stimulated. This can lead to premature ageing and weakening of surrounding teeth.

Because this procedure can last for several decades when cared for correctly, those who have lost a tooth in their youth will find this treatment to work well for them. They can carry on with life knowing that their replacement tooth acts just like their natural ones and that as they age, complications are less likely to arise.

Even though this treatment is more expensive than other options, when you factor in the need to replace less expensive options over time, you will find that this more durable and long-lasting solution will be lighter on your pocket as well.

What situations can they be used for?

Those missing a single tooth can replace it by having a titanium rod surgically inserted into their jaw at the site of this missing tooth. A crown that has been bespoke made will be placed atop the implant and will resemble their natural missing tooth in shape, size and colour quite exactly.

After a healing period of about 6 weeks, they can use their new tooth as they would their natural ones without concern.

Those missing several adjoining teeth can support 3 or 4 teeth on a single implant. This reduces the healing and surgery time and is more convenient for these situations.

If you have lost all of your teeth, you can secure your dentures with 4 strategically placed implants around your mouth. We position 2 on your top arch and 2 on your lower arch and you can clip in your dentures allowing you to remove them when you want to but be assured that they will stay firm in your mouth until then.

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