Dentist Navan for canker sores/mouth ulcers?

Tuesday, 2nd March, 2021

There is a common myth that mouth ulcers are usually a symptom of overworking and stress, breaking out in sporadic patches post-exams or during the build-up to a big event like a wedding. The American idiom is a canker sore, but when are they something you should be coming into the clinic to see our Dentist Navan about? And, more importantly, what can you do to prevent their occurrence?

You are likely to have had at least a passing case of mouth ulcers at one time or another. They are often a pale-yellow, shallow sore affecting only the epithelial layer of the inside of the mouth and can also occur on the tongue but this is less common. They often sting on contact with acidic foods and react badly to heat. There are several over the counter treatments available for mouth ulcers and as much and we would like to be able to immediately resolve them for you, they will usually heal up in a few weeks without our intervention.

What causes them?

Mouth ulcers aren't contiguous so you haven't caught them from kissing and don't have to be concerned about spreading them. The causes are a whole family of commensal bacteria that usually happily live in your mouth without doing any harm but have taken advantage of a reduced immune response and have started to attack the lining of the mouth. The start of an ulcer can also be a minor trauma or abrasion to the inside of the mouth.

If you keep getting mouth ulcers in the same location in your mouth, then they may indicate a larger problem; perhaps misaligned teeth, an untreated chip or an ill-fitting brace. Either way, it should be looked into!

Persistent or chronic ulcers

When ulcers continue consistently for more than 10 days, they are considered chronic or persistent and it's time to see our Dentist Navan for treatment.

The first option (if there are no other complications) is usually a steroid ointment prescription. If your ulcers have grown larger than a 5 pence piece, call us immediately and we will try to see you as an emergency appointment.

If you have chronic ulcers that are accompanied by fatigue or gastro-digestive symptoms, you should talk to your GP as this indicates some form of an auto-immune condition.

Preventing mouth ulcers

Stopping future outbreaks of ulcers if you are prone to them (or treating the ones you already have) is a lot easier if you can work out the cause.

Usually occurring in-line with where your teeth mesh on the inside of the cheeks suggests damage due to rubbing. Reduce this by using chewing gum and have a check-up to see if orthodontic work is warranted.

If your ulcers form on the inside lips and you also have bleeding gums when you brush, you are brushing too hard and scraping the inside of your lips. Take your time when brushing and try switching to a softer bristled brush.

Good general hygiene may help but to examine your case in more depth, you would have to see our Dentist Navan to take a look at your requirements.

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