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Tuesday, 7th March, 2023

As a progressive and innovative dental practice we focus on our patients’ wellbeing, comfort and relaxation. We strive to help you to maintain a healthy oral hygiene regime and make accessing our services as easy and convenient as possible. When you book an appointment at our dentist you will be greeted by a friendly helpful member of the team. To accommodate your busy lifestyle, we have late appointments up to 7 pm from Monday to Thursday each week. We are conveniently located in the centre of Navan with easy access to parking for both able and wheelchair user patients. In addition, if required, we also provide a lift. Once you arrive for your appointment you will notice that your patient experience is further enhanced. The atmosphere and environment has been designed and created to help you to relax. You have unlimited wifi access so that you can feel at home. In our dental surgery our massaging dental chairs and our ceiling mounted televisions will further assist you to achieve a state of calm. You can watch television shows, movies or play games of your choice. When your treatment has been completed even the stress of paying our already reasonable costs is relieved because we accept Medical Cards.

General dental care for all ages

The modern dental approach is to encourage parents to bring their children to our dental surgery as young as possible, not necessarily to have dental treatment immediately, but to become accustomed to the sights, sounds, smells and the general environment. The more often that they visit our dentist Navan, the more relaxed they will become as they get to know our friendly staff. They see their parents receiving treatment and it all becomes a normal event. When their turn comes round to have their first oral examination they will not feel uncomfortable. This helps to ensure that as your children grow up they do not develop dental anxiety. They will be educated and instructed into the proper way to brush their teeth and guided on which toothbrush best suits their particular teeth and gums. This is how they get to know their dentist Navan and develop a candid oral health relationship which should see them retain their teeth for their lifetime. For our more mature patients who may not have adhered to a proper oral hygiene regime, our team has the expertise and knowledge to provide solutions. You are in safe competent hands for extractions, fillings, root canals, bridges, dentures, mouth and night guards and emergency dental treatments as these are all treatments that are provided.

Enhancing your smile

Our cosmetic dentistry procedures will restore your smile to a broad, confident expression of self-assurance. Teeth whitening has become very popular and to ensure that you receive treatment safely we create gum guards and a solution especially for you so that you don’t experience any gum irritation. Dental misalignment affects many people and technology has helped to develop braces and aligners that can be as inconspicuous or conspicuous as you like. You can make your treatment a statement piece of colour or a clear almost invisible experience. Replacing a lost tooth or teeth can be a truly traumatic experience and our team can make that trauma a distant memory by providing a stable replacement prosthetic crown through a procedure that has become almost routine through the advent of dental implants. For those dental chips and cracks or permanent discolourations we can fit dental veneers that will enhance your smile, lasting for many years to come.

Not only dental care

Many patients also like to enjoy a little wrinkle smoothing and other aesthetic therapies. As a twenty-first century dentist Navan we can provide these treatments in the safe environment of our dental surgery by clinicians that you have come to know and trust. We are proud to be innovative and to help our patients experience a level of care that is designed around their individual wellbeing.

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