Don’t let a lost tooth ruin your life. Dental implants Navan are the solution!

Tuesday, 28th March, 2023

Dental implants Navan

Trauma, when it comes to losing a tooth accidentally or through tooth decay, weakens you physically and mentally. Loss of a tooth reduces the efficiency of your teeth to do their job of masticating your food. Using the latest dental implants Navan we strive to restore your teeth to their full function so that they are efficient and stable. Dentures and bridges provide an element of relief from tooth loss, but they do not replicate your natural teeth. Bridges and dentures rest above your jawbone which means that your body does not identify them as permanent dental replacements. Losing a tooth results in a redirection of the nutrients and blood that were being channelled to your tooth. This will cause your face to develop a sunken appearance over time. Dental implants Navan restore your ability to chew properly, you can smile more confidently without feeling self-conscious because of a gap caused by a missing tooth and that area of your jawbone is regenerated because of the artificial root.

A thorough assessment

We will need to conduct a thorough oral cavity examination to assess the condition of your teeth, gums and jawbone. The advances in tooth replacement treatment that have taken place over the past decades have been immense and developments in bone augmentation have aided this development. Because we mimic your natural teeth by placing an artificial root into your jawbone, it is important that your jawbone is dense enough to provide a platform for your new crown. To reduce the amount of degeneration that occurs to the jawbone once your tooth has been lost, the sooner the tooth is replaced the better for the health of your jawbone. After the examination our skilled and experienced team will discuss all your options and advise if you require bone augmentation to increase the density of your jawbone.

Dentistry and technology providing solutions

Evolution in the field of dental implantology has made it easier for patients to have teeth replaced that look and feel like their natural teeth. The skill of being able to colour and shape match your teeth has almost become an artform in itself, and the results achieved have been amazing. The 3D scanners and printing capabilities that have been developed over the years have helped to improve the quality and techniques employed. The precision with which we can now place an implant has been made possible by the use of the latest technology. It is not necessary to have an implant for every tooth that requires replacing. We are able to replace a single tooth with one implant or four in a row also on one single implant. We can replace an entire mouthful of teeth by placing just four implants. In certain cases the implants can be placed on the same day or stretched over a number of months.

A return to normal dental function

Dental implants Navan can help you to look and feel great about yourself by restoring a tooth or teeth so that you can enjoy eating and drinking as before and laughing and smiling broadly and confidently. Cleaning by normal brushing and flossing as you do for your normal teeth is the best way to maintain your teeth and crowns. Proper oral hygiene and regular six-monthly dental surgery visits will allow you to retain all your teeth.

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