How to make the right choice in dentist for your dental implant procedure

Tuesday, 3rd December, 2019

At Navan dental we understand and support the need for patients to conduct proper research when considering their options for dental implants Navan. Any dental treatment that requires a surgical procedure carries risk even if the risk is minimal. To ensure that a patient receives the best quality dental care possible, they need to ensure they make the right choice in dental practitioner.

Another equally important reason for choosing a highly skilled dentist for dental implants Navan is that this influences the success rate of the procedure and patients achieving the results they desire.

actors to consider to make an informed choice in dental practitioner

The quality of dental implants Navan a patient receives is determined by the dental practitioner they choose. Here we look at a few guidelines on selecting your dentist for the job.

  • An in-depth consultation

The consultation appointment provides the first glimpse into how proficient a dental practitioner is. A competent dentist will ensure that X-rays are taken to offer deeper insight into the patients oral health. Screenings are also used to assess criteria such as the conditions of gums and density of jawbone. A dentist should also be concerned about the patients overall general health including any medications they are taking and lifestyle habits. Smoking can put the success of the implant procedure at risk.

Did the dentist explain the procedure well? Were the risks and complications discussed? Was the patient informed about alternative treatment methods? Were the patients concerns and questions adequately answered? How well did a patient understand what is involved? A good dentist will have the patients best interests at heart and not attempt a hard sell for the procedure. An easy way to determine this is how well did the dentist pay attention to the needs of the patient?

  • A successful track record

It is best to choose a dentist who has performed a number of successful procedures. This relates to their skill and quality of their work. An accomplished dentist wont hesitate to showcase the before and after results of their artificial teeth replacement procedures.

  • Qualifications and training

Non negotiable for a dental surgical procedure are the relevant qualifications and training a dental practitioner has received. The dental implant industry has seen numerous developments since the procedure was introduced. The dentist should be up-to-date in their training with these techniques and use of latest available equipment. Practical experience together with training count in a dental practitioners favour.

  • The quality of materials used in the procedure

This factor is often overlooked by patients. What materials is the dentist relying on to give a patient desired results? The quality of tooth replacement materials will impact the longevity of the implants. At Navan Dental we use titanium implants.

In addition to the above factors, a patient is also required to play their part to receive the best possible outcome from their procedure. One way is to be thorough in their research on the procedure from authentic sources. We can provide reading material for patients to go over before the consultation appointment.

Planning on having a restorative dental procedure carried out? Put the success of your dental procedure in good, capable hands at Navan Dental.

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