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Tuesday, 26th May, 2020

Let yourself shine

Here at Navan Dental, we are a dentist Meath Navan, with a difference. We believe that every patient who seeks their dental treatment through us - be it for something minor such as a check-up, or something more complex like cosmetic dentistry - should be treated as an individual. We tailor every one of our procedures we provide to suit the needs of each patient, and do so from a relaxing, comfortable and professional environment. We love to see our patients happy, here at Navan Dental, and to make their smiles as beautiful as they can possibly be. In doing so, we've found that our patients often feel their self-esteem and confidence to be raised, as well as the appearance of their smiles. 

Cosmetic teeth whitening

Making people happy is one of our main goals, and one of the procedures which has helped us as a dentist Meath Navan who has achieved that, is cosmetic teeth whitening. Each month, more and more new patients are looking for more information about cosmetic whitening, and how it could help their smiles. It is one of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry procedure which we offer, due to the successful results that it can yield to a patient's smile, and the non-permanent or invasive nature of the treatment. The speed of which patients can now achieve a brighter smile through cosmetic dentistry is another massive attraction to the procedure. 

Many people often notice that the enamel on their teeth may have become duller in colour, or yellow. This is a natural sign of ageing enamel, and additional habits such as smoking or drinking dark drinks (tea, black coffee, red wine, etc) can lead to a patient's enamel becoming stained or visibly marked. These sorts of common problems can have a negative impact on self-esteem in some people. However, by seeking out cosmetic whitening through our cosmetic specialist dentist Meath Navan, patients can find their teeth to be visible, brighter and more impactful, almost immediately. 

Why seek whitening through the dentist?

If you feel that maybe the enamel of your teeth could benefit from cosmetic dental whitening, the chances are that you have already done some reading around the subject. Recently, in line with the trend of people increasingly seeking out home-whitening kits, there has been a rise in the amount of online retailers selling cheaper alternative kits. Kits which have not been sourced from a dentist are sometimes found to contain dangerously high quantities of chemicals which are not approved. Hydrogen-peroxide, if used in the improper quantities, can leave a lasting impact on the health of a patient's enamel and teeth. Whitening kits which have been sourced from a reputable, trustworthy and certified dentist Meath Navan like us at Navan Dental, contain a verified amount of hydrogen-peroxide within our whitening kits, and - as we have the tools to create a unique retainer for each patient - leave patients with a whiter smile throughout their teeth, even in the more difficult to reach areas - unlike online kits, which sometimes leave people with stips of more yellow teeth still left after treatment. 

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