Need a bit more encouragement to have dental implants? 5 reasons to choose this restorative method

Tuesday, 11th February, 2020

When you have missing teeth that cause a gap in your smile, it can also cause a gap in your confidence.

While you know you are more than your teeth, it can be upsetting to see the seemingly endless wave of images of celebrity smiles, each more straight, white and flawless than the last.

Of course, you have considered having dentures fitted, but you heard that they often come loose and can cause irritation to the gums. This may not exactly be the look that you were looking for! Luckily, thanks to a rise in demand and advancement in dental techniques, there is now a more permanent solution for missing teeth.

When you come to Navan Dental with a gap in your smile, our dentists may offer you dental implants Navan. These permanent and durable alternatives to dentures look like real teeth, feel like real teeth and most importantly, work like real teeth!

But why should you choose dental implants Navan over some of the other restorative methods? Read on to find out!

Better digestion

Our teeth are the first step in the digestive system. Like a machine, this system is only able to function correctly if every aspect of it is working correctly.

If you have gaps in your teeth, when you chew food, those gaps will prevent you from breaking down the food correctly. In turn, this will lead to you swallowing large pieces of food, which can cause issues with digestion, heartburn and acid reflux.

Dental implants Navan will prevent such issues from occurring, allowing you to enjoy eating food again!

Improved oral health

We know that you brush your teeth twice a day, but if you have gaps, it is all too easy to overlook these areas while scrubbing your teeth!

Such neglect can cause an accumulation of plaque and bacteria, which can contribute to gum disease and decay on any remaining teeth you have. As implants fill these gaps, these risks are reduced, restoring your oral health to a much higher level. 

Restores bone loss

After you lose your teeth, you will have noticed that your jawbone appears to have receded; this is because your jaw is no longer holding a tooth in place, the bone deteriorates.

The problem with this is that such shrinkages can cause destabilisation to your natural teeth, causing them to move unpredictably, protrude or even fall out altogether! As implants are attached directly to the jaw, this encourages the jaw to regrow, stabilising any loose natural teeth.

Perfectly fitted

Although dentures fit well at first, due to gum recession and other factors, they can become ill-fitting over time, causing rubbing and sores. Implants and the prosthetic teeth will not become loose over time and are custom-fitted to your mouth. No rubbing or looseness to worry about; all you have to do is smile!

Younger appearance

Missing teeth can make the face droop inward, making you look older than your years.

Once fitted, implants provide your face with a fuller, more youthful appearance. Fantastic!




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