Orthodontic Treatments

Tuesday, 16th March, 2021

At Navan Dental, orthodontics Navan is a major part of the services we provide to our local community. 1/3 of children need some form of orthodontic between the ages of 7 and 11, but over the last few years, we have been seeing more and more adults using orthodontics to receive the treatments they missed in adolescence or to improve their appearance generally.

Our treatment options cover a multitude of orthodontic conditions such as misalignment, spacing, and overcrowding, so we can offer the best option for your unique case. We, therefore, offer 3 different brands of clear/invisible orthodontics to adults and teenagers, which we will look at briefly here to introduce you to our most popular invisible treatments.

Inman Aligner

The clear aligners provided by Inman are considered effective on most cosmetic re-alignment of the front teeth. It can be used alone or as part of a set of treatments in a smile makeover. There are no restrictions based on age but you have to have all of your adult teeth, and no outstanding decay or gum disease.

The Inman system contains two titanium alloy springs which maintain tension through-out the aligners repositioning the teeth. The treatment cycle could be from six to eighteen weeks depending on the severity of the case and how often you wear the appliances.

Clear Smile Aligner

ClearSmile manufactures a very minimalistic almost undetectable aligner which is light, tight-fitting as well as being transparent. Each of the aligners is worn for 2 weeks and each of the aligners in the series moves your teeth closer to the final positions.

There is ongoing research into the clinical effectiveness of aligners by the BOS british orthodontic society who has approved their use for single rooted teeth and moderate miss-aynemnests. With dental supervision to get the most from ClearSmile’s aligners we can correct most cosmetic orthodontic problems.

Six Month Smiles

One of our truly cosmetic braces at orthodontics Navan, the Six Month Smiles aligner is technically more like a brace. It is fitted to your front six teeth and during the day you have to wear them almost consistently for a period of six months. You will need to have it tightened to correct the cosmetic misalignment. It cannot be used to straighten more severe cases of misalignment and is suited for people who just want to straighten those six teeth in either their upper or lower jaw.

The brackets which hold Six Month Smiles to your teeth are either clear or enamel coloured, making this a visually discrete brace. There is a thin archwire attached to help this brace work correctly, but this is also a minor cosmetic inconvenience.

This brace is only suited for people who are over the age of 18, and while it is unusual, they can be worn for more than six months. Depending on the severity of your misalignment, you may be able to get the straighter smile you want in 3 months, but our team for orthodontics Navan will be able to give you an estimated treatment time when you visit us for a consultation.

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