Orthodontic treatments in Navan

Tuesday, 22nd December, 2020

We offer a number of different options for orthodontist Navan, and this means we can make treatment as specific to the patient as possible. These treatments focus on straightening and aligning your natural teeth, instead of replacing them. If you are looking to permanently straighten your smile, then one of these treatments could be for you.. 

Our dentists will do their absolute best to make sure you have the optimal experience possible whilst going through your treatment. We want you to enjoy the process of improving your smile, not just the end result! Our focus is to make you as comfortable and happy as possible when you come to visit us.

Inman aligners

Here at Navan Dental, we have different types of treatments for varying levels of need. The first one being Inman aligners, these are for more mild cases, and usually take around 6-18 weeks to complete treatment. These aligners mainly focus on the front teeth, and can move them quickly.

A nice benefit of Inman aligners is that you can remove them as easily as retainers, which is handy for when it is time to clean your teeth. Our patients have also said that this is relatively pain-free, which is a bonus when you are looking for a quick treatment.

ClearSmile aligners

These aligners are popular with our patients who want to straighten their smile, but whilst also maintaining a natural looking mouth throughout. These braces are clear and smooth, meaning added comfort and no-one else will be able to tell that you even have aligners in!

You will be given different aligners for each stage of the treatment, and this means that you can see the gradual development of your progress! It is nice for our patients to be able to see what the end result will be before finishing the process and so we use Archwize simulations in order to do this.

Six Month Smiles

This type of orthodontist Navan allows our patients to achieve a beautiful smile in just 6 months! It uses all of the great technology of braces and adapts the materials and treatments to give our patients a quick and amazing result!

A great aspect of Six Month Smiles is that they are a mixture of clear and invisible aligners. Meaning you can still feel confident during the six months, and after that it will only improve! Our patients really like how quick and effective this treatment can be.

Advantages of orthodontist Navan

Improved self-esteem

Orthodontic treatment can be a great way to permanently improve your smile, therefore improving your self-esteem and confidence! It is also suitable for growing and developing teeth, meaning it is great for children and teenagers, who might also struggle with self-esteem.

Reduced risk of infection

When your teeth are overcrowded, crooked or gappy, this can encourage bacteria to grow more quickly. Meaning when you have orthodontic treatment performed, you reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Alleviated speech impairment

Sometimes when your teeth have not developed properly or have become crooked, this can bring on some form of speech impairment. Orthodontic treatment can help to align the teeth and jaw in order to help prevent this issue.

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