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Tuesday, 17th August, 2021

Orthodontist Navan does not need to be highly specialised to be effective; we provide extremely effective treatment using a wide range of great tools. Let's look more at our treatment methods.

We have treatment methods suitable for a wide range of groups and have found that subtle or rapid orthodontic treatments are more popular with our working, adult patients than our teenagers who often have less time pressure or responsibilities when considering treatment options.

Six-month smiles

6-month smiles is a rapid, time-focused orthodontist Navan treatment that is practically invisible. When using the 6-month smile system, a brace and an aligner are applied simultaneously to get the largest degree of controlled movement within the shortest possible time. By shrinking the treatment time, not only does this help to achieve a goal for a deadline but it also has a bearing on the overall cost of treatment.

We have found that this type of treatment is the most popular in the run-up to weddings or changes in career. The treatment focuses on the front teeth, which is the most visible, to achieve a large effect on appearance in a short time.

Clear braces

Although technically not a brace, at Navan Dental we use the Clearsmile aligner as our invisible brace solution. This is a plastic aligner, similar to a gum shield, that is worn over the teeth and slowly realigns them by pushing on them. There is a whole set of aligners to be worn in a series, so each one is only used for about 2 weeks. Because of their short life cycle, these aligners can be fairly thin and light, making it easy to forget that they are being worn at all! Although they cannot be used to rearrange the position of molars, they do have a wide degree of applications for many patients.

The Inman aligner

The Inman aligner is our hybrid option; a piece of technology bringing together the advantages of aligners and the versatility of the traditional metal braces. The front-facing components of the Inman aligner are transparent and low-impact, whereas other sections can include springs, archwires and other support structures.

This type of aligner is useful when the orthodontist Navan issues go beyond aesthetics and require more substantial correction. It has a quick treatment time with very little discomfort while also being quite practical for everyday wear, especially in public, due to its subtle nature. Moreover, because of recent celebrity use, we have seen an increase in requests for Inman aligners.

Although you may have already seen a treatment that seems applicable to you, a full dental examination and discussion with our dentist are needed before making a final decision. Perhaps there is a particular treatment that would be ineffective for achieving your goals? Or is there a complication in your dental structure that would make some forms of treatment inappropriate for you? Either way, if you are interested and would like to find out more, feel free to contact the clinic to book an assessment.  

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