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Tuesday, 11th June, 2019

We know that visiting the dentist is not on the top of the list of things you want to do in a day, but it is something you need to do frequently to avoid preventable issues later on. 

That said, we understand how difficult it is to have someone you barely know looking inside your mouth as a fluorescent light nearly blinds you from above, which is why you need to find a dentist Meath you can trust and with whom you have a good rapport. Our team at Navan Dental are an award-winning and experienced team of professionals who offer affordable services complete with a compassionate dental chairside manner.  

 Do I need to see the dentist if there is nothing wrong with my teeth?

For whatever reason, fear of the unknown or not wanting to fork out for another expense, people tend to leave visiting the dentist only when it becomes an emergency they cannot ignore. 

Even if there are no visible symptoms, the trained eye of a dentist can detect early signs of issues that could prove significant in time.  At the very least, you can flaunt clean and polished pearly whites at the end of your checkup. 

What are common issues that a dental practitioner faces every day (and signs you should look out for)?

Sensitive gums - see an oral hygienist.

Tender, swollen gums that bleed when you brush them could be early signs of gum disease Gingivitis, which is caused by plaque building up and calcifying along your gum line. One or two in-depth cleaning sessions with our oral hygienist fixes this. 

Feeling self-conscious - cosmetic dentistry could be your ticket to a beautiful smile. 

Missing a tooth can be embarrassing to the point where you do not want to smile in photographs or cover your mouth when you talk.  However, as much of an ordeal as it is to you, losing a tooth is more common than you think and we can correct it with dentures, bridgework or a dental implant. 

You might also have discoloured or yellow teeth and could benefit from teeth whitening. Using a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide (bleach), your dentist Meath will lighten your teeth by a few shades. 

Crooked teeth or an overbite that makes eating, chewing and speaking a challenge may need to be treated with an orthodontic device - have a chat with our dentist, Dr McMorrow about your options.  A dentist, unless he or she is also trained as an orthodontist, does not have the qualifications to align your teeth, but can refer you to someone who can. 

What to expect on the day of your checkup.

Your dentist will perform a full examination of your teeth, mouth and gums. We will ask whether you have experienced any problems since your last visit, specifics of your cleaning routine and your diet, including alcohol and nicotine consumption. If necessary, we will advise on cleaning best practices and what food and lifestyle choices you should make to improve your oral health. 


You might have moderate to severe issues that your dentist cannot help you with, in which case you will be referred to a specialist, like a periodontist if you gum problems, an orthodontist for misalignments or an oral maxillo surgeon who focuses on hard and soft tissues relating to the mouth. 

We make your trip to the dentist Meath as painless and pleasant as possible. We also accept registered medical aid cards from the Irish NHS, making our services that much more attractive and affordable. Put your teeth in our hands and look forward to optimum oral health and beautiful teeth going forward.

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