Putting a patient first at our dentist Meath

Tuesday, 24th May, 2022

Building a dynamic, all-inclusive surgery and gaining multiple awards and accolades in dentistry have been real achievements. But the heart of what we do is patient-led dental care, with our dentist Meath focusing on the needs of each patient one at a time.

Patient-led care vs physician-led care

Patient-led care and physician-led care might not be something you have thought about. But it's been a very active subject for those trying to develop public health systems to promote better relations with medical professionals, like our dentist Meath. Patient-led care focuses on the desires and information provided by the patient, to optimise a treatment pathway that improves their quality of life to reach their potential. It is very individual and not always as clinically efficient as possible. The position that care normally focuses on is the treatment of large numbers of patients, their collective reactions to medications and what is the most clinically effective course of action that would resolve or ameliorate a condition. It has a habit of placing significant burdens on the patient and can be exemplified by the phrase ‘doctor's orders’.

Putting patients in the driving seat

At our dentist Meath, we put patients in the driving seat and although it is obviously not as simple as it seems, at the end of the day, our team will always respect your wishes and requirements. As well as taking our lead from you, we fully explain the pros and cons of the situation as well as the risks of doing nothing. We present what treatments are available and discover which you intend to pursue, then we facilitate those treatments. This places the responsibility of the decision in your hands, but creates the responsibility for us to give you all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Working together

Through many years of practice, we have found that by placing our patients in the position of making the key decisions, they tend to comply with care plans fully and get the most out of their treatment. Rather than being lectured. And when teeth are saved, we all win!

Being clear with costs and fair with prices

At Navan Dental, we accept patients from all backgrounds and have accepted medical card holders since the beginning of the scheme. We are also a fully registered provider of VHI Dental Direct Pay allowing you to claim back your dental costs.

We also provide fully itemised receipts for tax-deductible necessary treatment, including the fitting and re-bonding of veneers, chip repairing by inserting gold micro-implants, root canals, orthodontic treatment and bridgework. If you are intending to claim tax relief on your care, please ask at our reception and a full breakdown will be provided. A standard medical 2 form will have to be completed, but we would be happy to assist with that application if required.

If you're interested in joining our surgery, or have any further questions about what our clinic can do for you, please feel free to get in contact. You can do this via the contact forms on the website or over the phone.

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