Searching for a dentist in Navan you can trust?

Tuesday, 5th May, 2020

Going to the dentist is an activity that no one enjoys. However, by finding the right dentist in Navan, those highly anticipated appointments become less nerve-wracking and more routine. 

The search to find a dental practitioner that every member of the family trusts is no mean feat because this professional needs to match your unique requirements. In this day and age, it's not enough for an oral health practitioner to only have the credentials. He or she also needs to be highly empathetic and build rapport with patients, knowing that the mouth is an intimate space from which to operate. 

Our award-winning clinic, Navan Dental, has been turning heads for the right reasons. Why? We aren't only extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what we do, but we also care for our patients and their dental health in the following ways.

Our customer service is second-to-none

We boast a comprehensive list of loyal patients who we see regularly, and that's because we build up a rapport with them to gain their trust. 

Being a dental practitioner doesn't just mean treating patients and sending them on their day. As a dentist in Navan, it's our responsibility to make them feel happy, relaxed, and comfortable knowing that they're in good hands. 

We aim to educate

Ask any doctor about the types of dental issues they see every day. You'll find that the majority of problems treated are entirely preventable. 

People don't look after their teeth properly, which is why mouth conditions, such as gingivitis and tooth decay, are so prominent in Brits. 

Before you leave our offices, we'll ask about your cleaning routine and keep you updated on the latest teeth-brushing techniques. You'll be surprised to learn that several Brits don't brush their teeth adequately or as frequently as they should. Good hygiene starts with how you clean your pearly whites, and we aim to teach you that before you leave. 

We welcome new patients and offer affordable rates

Our top priority is to better people's oral health and to get them smiling again. 

While we have our regulars, we also love welcoming new faces to our clinic. You'll also be pleased to note that medical aid patients (Irish NHS) are accepted. 

We cater for everyone's needs, including children and nervous patients

We understand that going to the dentist for a checkup isn't something people like to do. We can also empathise that some people are more afraid of dentists, namely people with dental anxiety and small children. 

We go out of our way to make our patients, big and small, feel at ease, and the procedures are administered at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Additionally, we'll stop to take breaks at your command whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed or anxious. 

Our dental clinic is different

Have you ever walked into a dental clinic and made mental notes about how "clinical" the space feels. You'll feel differently stepping inside this dentist in Navan. We've created an environment that is relaxed and homely, featuring unlimited WIFI, a television set, and more. 

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