Take the proactive approach to taking care of dental implants

Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019

At Navan Dental we know all about the incredible impact dental devices such as tooth implants can have on a patient's life. Tooth implants can restore a patient's ability to chew properly again, replace a missing tooth (or multiple teeth) and so protect the integrity of adjacent teeth and the jaw bone structure and keep gums healthy and free from disease. With so many benefits to having dental implants Navan replace teeth, we urge our patients to be proactive in taking care of their implants. This will ensure that tooth implants offer a long life of service.
Implants may not be natural teeth but they do need to be taken care of just as you would natural teeth. This means that staple hygiene habits like brushing twice daily and flossing at least once still apply. Using mouthwash to rinse the mouth is a good idea too, as this will help in preventing infections.
Our dental practitioner may suggest you use a special interdental toothbrush to make cleaning teeth easier. Make sure you have mastered the techniques in using the dental instrument well before leaving the clinic.
How to take care of your teeth-replacement implants
Tooth implants can serve patients for life, but this requires some determination on the part of patients. Patients can protect the longevity of their tooth implants by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Trust in quality implants

Make sure to choose a clinic with the required experience and track record in inserting dental implants Navan successfully. During the consultation appointment ensure you understand what the procedure requires especially the preparations needed beforehand and then post-operative recovery advice. Patients are encouraged to follow all instructions to ensure optimal healing takes places and fusion of the implant is successful.

  • Maintain implants as recommended

Keeping implants in the best condition is easy as long as the recommendations made by the dentist are followed. In addition to the daily oral hygiene routine, patients will need to commit to at least two check-ups in a year to ensure the implants are healthy. These check-ups are necessary and a dentist has the skills and equipment at hand to carry out a thorough examination of your implants, teeth, gums and jaw bone to determine overall health.

  • Avoid foods that pose a risk to implants

Diet has long played a critical role in keeping teeth and gums healthy. Patients may well ask why they need to stay away from certain foods. As hard as it may be to avoid favourite foods, some food types - hard, chewy and sticky foods - can weaken tooth implant structure. It is especially important to stick to soft foods or a semi-liquid diet for a few days after implantation.

  • Avoid habits detrimental to the health of implants

Patients who smoke will be asked to avoid the habit at least for the first six months of the procedure. This is because smoking poses a risk to the health of the gums and bone as it may reduce blood supply to these areas.
After an implant procedure, the goal is to ensure that tooth implants provide a lifetime of service. Schedule your next check-up appointment today, contact us at Navan Dental. We accept patients with medical cards (Irish NHS)

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